Monday, January 26, 2009

Oriental Odds & Ends

Perfect Posers had put out a pack of cat posers which I still refer to as the creepy cat posers because they just don't look right. I'm not sure poser renders fur well, and certainly I've not seen too many long haired varieties out there. However, I'd seen a couple black cat posers over Halloween - one at least from Outlaw by Designs - which looked substantially better, so I knew they could be done.

I finally came across two packs on Share GC of Kitty Cat posers and these are were much better done (and free as well). The two Meezers in the next two tags are by La Chat Designs.

Empire Cat 1

I'd done this first one for Carnival of the Cats - Cat Synth had gone on a trip to China and had pictures of the Cats of China to share - so I used this as a lead in. The scraps are from the Shades of the Orient taggers kit from Designs by Ali.

Empire Cat 2

The scraps for the piece came from Scrappy Redheads' Lotus Blossom kit. The lamp in the background is from Soxsational Scraps "Oriental Wonders" element pack and the vase is from Poser Realm.

The "screen" is a piece of background paper with the transparency set to 65%. The peacock is a doodle that was included in the kit that I glitterfied myself. (Yes some areas were intended not to be colored, that's the way I wanted it to look!)

In both cases - all three actually - I am using masks from Cameron, on papers with matching patterns but different colors to achieve the background effect.

(Note: I have no idea how Digi-free found me, but since you're here, feel free to snag either of the two kitty-cat tags if you'd like to use them. There's plenty of room on either where you can add your name and use them as siggy-tags. Personal use only please.)

LiL China Girl

Lil China Girl

The poser in this kit was a blog freebie from Angel's Tubes, the scraps are from the Chinese Memories kit by ChaDesignz. The parasol is part of the kit, and I was kind of at a loss with it, but it worked very well for this piece. This time the mask was Cameron's Ocean collection (for what it's worth). I think I used the Indy Collection on the Empire Cat tags.

The Satin Gold alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

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Anonymous said...

Always beautiful work! (I'm not as witty as you) Thanks for putting the code for your blinkie. I added it to my site. Hey - I finally got my 5 stars on Digi-Free - I was close to giving up. Thanks for keeping me encouraged.