Friday, January 30, 2009

Down Under (Part I)

In doing the Down Under project I had three sources of scraps and an alpha. The main source came from Krissy's Scraps Independance Day taggers kit. Krissy is a Kiwi designer and yes, the kit was done for American Indepence day, but that's the nice thing about red, white and blue. It's multi-useful.

The Aussie scraps came from the Aussie Day Mini-Kit from Lindsay Jane Designs, who hails from Adalaide, and the Aussie Day Mega Kit by EmCee Designs.

The Alpha is from MeeGee Designs, a lady who lives in Sydney. So aside from the scraps I actually made, they're all from down under.


Domestic Longhair

The ribbon and the dragronfly are from Krissy's Kit, while the background is from the Aussie Mini-Kit. The button is from EmCee Scraps.

Vampy Victor

Burmese Cat

The word art is from the Aussie Mini-kit, the rest came from the Independance Day Kit.


Tabby Cat

I noticed a bunch of the kats being heavily tagged. I found that interesting. I gather their ownership regulations are stricter than in the States. The fireworks in the piece came from the New Year's Bash kit by Tantrum Scraps, while the Metal Alpha is from NettieB.


Domestic Mediumhair

The blue background is from Krissy's kit while I had to make up the flag pattern myself. The red velvet ribbon is actually from the Canada kit that I have. The frame & the five pointed stars is from the Aussie Day Mini kit, while, as above the Alpha is from Nettie B. The seven pointed star I had to create myself.


Tabby Cat

Pretty much the same as Slash - the background is from Krissy's kit while the rest of the scraps came from the Aussie Day Mini Kit. The alpha is of course for MeeGee Designs.

Oscar the Wonder Cat

Domestic Mediumhair

The "flag tag" is from the Aussie Day Mega kit, which isn't really very mega, while the rest of the scraps hail from the Independance Day taggers kit.

Banner & Guest List


This where the Mega kit came in handy, as this was one piece and it just needed to add the text. Much of the Mega kit included Yellow and Green, colors I associate more with NZ than with Aus and on the whole, it wasn't fitting into the overall theme of the project.

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