Saturday, January 3, 2009

Country Cats

Round 'em Up

Lacking a suitable topic now that the holidays are over, I decided to go with "Down on the Farm" for the January 8th T-13. So far I've got 8 of the tags done, but I got online just after six and decided to check Digi-free. I had purchases a kit from Designs by Tisha called "Down on the Farm" to use on the project and she had a matching alpha for it. Plus another designer had a "barn" alpha that will work too.

It's coming out pretty cute!

The above tag is not one of the group, and in fact was done using scraps from the "Cowboy Fun" by Scrappy Lover. The "rope" or twine "frame" is courtesy of Scrappin' Cop, while the Rawhide Alpha comes from Wenchd Graphix. I did use the rawhide alpha on one tag, lacking anything really "farmy". Too bad I didn't check Digi-free earlier.

The horse photo was from a pack of high-res horse photos I downloaded from Scrappin' with Barbie. I used two masks in this piece as well, one to get the fade out effect on Tristan and a second to get the worn effect on the round up photo.

Here is a sneak preview:

Dog,Country Cats

The scraps are from Cinnamon Scraps' "Barnyard Friends" tagger kit. The hat is from our fashion consultant over at the Maltese Scrapper, and the Messy Denim alpha is from C. Papier.

Despite my efforts, we ended up having to buy Photobucket Pro, although I still put the T-13 over on the new account. Not as many tags (yet). Besides, this makes it easier for the guest animals to access their tags should they care to use them on their blog. Once you buy pro, Photobucket no longer automatically links back to the Photobucket page for the image.

I have received some ideas for upcoming T-13s, but I'll need input on them, so perhaps I'll make that the subject of Diamond's post tomorrow.

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