Saturday, January 10, 2009

Musically Inclined

It seems the Cape Coral Art Festival is this weekend, making it a very good reason to hide out in the house for the duration. It's probably the largest weekend of the year, but several blocks of CC Parkway are shut down and plus a number of side streets which are being used to accommodate the the parking of the vendor vehicles. Then there are all the people that show up for the thing, and where are you going to park all of them.?

Three years ago, the first year I lived here, I decided I needed to go to the bookstore that weekend. Getting out of the Cape wasn't a problem. Getting home after I got back on the Cape took another hour -- and I live less than five minutes from the bridge. Nope...there's nothing I need bad enough to get me out of the house this weekend.

Anyway, these first two tags are left over from the punk series I did. The poser is the the same Punk Chick which is (c) by Lacy Clagg that was in the first four tags, but the scraps are different.

Punk Chick

The scraps from the first tag come from the "Tortured Dreams" taggers kit from Tammy's Scraps. I was over checking out the new Scraps with Attitude store and was reminded that I had this, so that's how this particular exercise came about. The vintage 45 RPM in the background is from Calypso Design.

Joan had sent something around at work for the over 30 crowd that joked about how good kids go it these days. One of the bits was "There was no Napster or i Tunes. You wanted to steal music? You hitchhiked to the record store and shoplifted it." Record stores are becoming a dying breed in any case.

Punk Chick

Still with Scraps with Attitude, I went with the Bad Girlfriend kit for this tag, but toned down the "bad girlfriend" lyrics quite a bit. The photo a is a bit of vintage Sex Pistols. This time, the Vinyl is from Bluedream Designs. Colored Vinyl was one of those collectors things "back then" before the advent of Compact Discs. You paid extra for it.

On of the problems with freebie posers is once you find a good freebie poser artist, they end up selling not too long afterward. We recently had a case in which one of them was selling someone else's work and calling it her own.

That is not the case with Bits N Bobs though, who is now selling out of United Scraps 4 Taggers. The "Grunge Chicks" in these first two tags were definitely done by her and are quite good as well.

Grunge Chick

The scraps for this tag came from the "Teenage Dirtbag" taggers kit from Grunge & Glitter scraps. The brushed Metal alpha is by NettieB, still one of the best $2 I ever spent on scraps.

The sad part about this piece is you can't see the girls boots, so....

Grunge Chick

I give you this tag, in which you can. I love the detail on this poser set. They do have a grunge kit that goes with them, but I have so many in the same theme, I have to I really need another one?

The vinyl this time around is from Chaos Priestess, who just released a kit called "Dirty Girlz", which is grunge and glitter in purple and black.

The rest of the scraps are from the Punk Princess kit from Baby Cakes Scraps. Aside from her blog, the taggers sized kit is available from Creative Scraps.

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