Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Country Cats - Part II

"Down on the Farm" is a full sized kit from Designs by Tisha. I have a resize script, which worked fine on it. I am mildly miffed at having to pay a $1 more for a full sized kit and that it wasn't offered in a taggers version, but I'm sure I'll get over it. It is a nice kit, and I'll be using it in the future on Diamond and Trish - and it would probably work for tags for the boys as well.


Bi-colored Cat,Country Cats

Flynn really is a country cat, lives on a farm and hunts mice for a living. He also can retire to a nice cozy house then it suites him. Since he's familiar with horses, I let him have one for this tag.

I can't remember if the twine was from Scrappin' Cop or not, but I seem to think it was enclosed in the kit. I could be the same one that SC offered though, as her stuff is usually for Commercial Use and lot of designers use them.

The alpha was an add-on freebie that is available on Tisha's blog.


House Panther,Country Cats

I do not know why there is an Ostrich on the farm. Nor do I recall if the things are native to South Africa. That but what the heck...

If anyone cares to enlighten me on the subject of Ostrich farming, please feel free. I'm never adverse to learning new things.


Dog,Country Cats

I'd done this one before I got the add-on alpha and while I'd gone back and changed Flynn's tag, This one seemed okay, so I left it. So the alpha is from Cucciola Designs. I loved being able to have Frankie (a giant sized Frankie no less) coming out of the barn!

I can also tell you from experience that ducks and billy goats are not delightful creatures - cute as they may be in this kit.

I believe that "A Farming Life" is an older kit from Tammy. The papers are an odd size, and the some of the elements aren't very good. It was largely tractor themed, and there was little clip art, but Gail, at Aussie Scrap Design had put out a Farm Clip Art freebie pack on her blog so I made use of that. This time the twine is from Scrappin' Cop. The bow, such as it is, was borrowed from Kristen's Wicked Scrapz - I couldn't find a hat to work for Sunny - while the Alpha Bandanna is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

I do kind of the like the "bling" flowers in the background...


Tuxi Cat,Country Cats

And the fence. This is a fence that is Horse high, pig tight and bull strong. This pieced ended up looking really cute and made me want to do a country craft/garden thing, but I was getting off topic. Again the clip art is from Aussie Scrap Designs; the "Craft Alpha" is courtesy of Akizo Designs. I thought the Craft Alpha would work very will with Urban Mermaid's "Krafty Christmas" kit, but it came in handy for this piece as well.

Huge Eric

Bi-colored Cat,Country Cats

I'd mistakenly called him "Fat Eric", which "Fat Eric" took offense too. He was "Big Eric" but evidently gained a couple of more pounds recently, so now he's "Huge Eric", which is bigger than big and fatter than fat.

In any case, he's Flynn's brother and another real live country cat and the only one in the batch Mancatly enough to handle a tractor. The "Rawhide" alpha is from Wenchd Graphix. The John Deere hat is of course backwards, but I didn't think he'd look good in pink. :)

The little cord bows came from a Christmas freebie pack and I was very bad and didn't note the designer for you. There were three in the pack and I've found them quite useful.

Banner and Guest List

T-13 Banner & Guestlist

"A Farming Life" was one of the kits I got while Angelic Scraps was doing their freebie a day in December. Another freebie was Donkey! But really...how about Puss-in-Boots? The Yeehaw word art is from Brandi's Creations "Wanna Be A Cowboy" kit, which I've found to be quite useful and amusing as well.

I am taking this week off as I try to percolate up a few new projects. I will probably do a T-13 of past favorites, so you can see how much my style has changed from early last year.

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