Monday, April 6, 2009

Bridal Registry

If you'd like you can chalk this little spurt of Bridal madness up to reading too many romance novels. I should be done with those soon, and move on to something less sappy, like Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison and the new Sookie book, which came out March 31st!

In the meantime, we have some lovely brides - and grooms - courtesy of Outlaw by Design although I'm beginning to think from the poses that the guys are actually in a barber shop quartet. I did my best to make them look legitimate.

The scraps are from Just A Girls' From this Moment taggers kit, although the kit also comes in full size if you're looking to scrap memories of your wedding day.

From this moment...

I rather liked the pinks and the yellows, although I think this was the kit with the winged hearts cluster in it, which I thought was a bit much. Can't we do this and not fall over in the sap?

From this moment...

I like the hat on this one, but I can't pretend she's from the Regency era, like I do most of the others. (It's my preferred romance period, although Victorian isn't bad either.)

From this moment...

I like the vine frame in this tag. There's some very nice elements in the kit, although I've yet to find one that does justice to bridal flowers.

From this moment...

I love the job JAG did on the Gazebo. The rose bouquet is very nice as well.

Rowena's neighbors are getting married. They mistakenly thought they were getting a $15K first home buyers credit from the government, but it was knocked down to $7K for homes purchased in 2008 (and you have to pay it back). He didn't believe her, so I pulled the publication and told her to tell him is wedding on Sanibel Island got squashed between the house and the senate. However, there is a nice pier just off South Cape that would work just as well and be substantially cheaper.

Anyway...Bridal was sort of my scrap for the weekend, so there's several more sets of tags coming in the same vein. (And where do I find all those brides, you might wonder....)

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