Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goth Cross

These are some tags I did toward the end of last month. I was in a gothy mood and picked up the Gothic Cross kit by Scrap Nanly. On the whole, its not a bad kit, although I don't think she understands Goth.

The problem is that many of the elements in the kit were just snagged from Outlaw by Designs. Kel's TOUs state no more than 8 items in a PTU kit and I can guarantee, she's a lot more than 8 items, just in the crosses alone.

For the posers, I used Bits'N'Bobs Gothic poser for the tags. The one Nanly put with the kit - taken from Outlaw by Design - is used in the fifth tag I did at the end.

Gothic Cross

I used a mask to get the paper effect. The cross, tree, coleus, and spider are all from Outlaw. I don't believe that book is, but it just may be an item I've not seen yet.

Gothic Cross

You can add the cross, the candles and the balloons in to the tally of Outlaw items. I believe the flowers might be Kel's as well.

To masks this time, one for the swirly effect in the background and one for the paper edge effects.

Gothic Cross

The cross, the candle, the goth doll, the building thing...although Nanly did color it up a bit..and the sparkles are all Outlaw material.

Gothic Cross

Kel doesn't ask for credit, but I think it's a nice touch when designers add in a credit line anyway. It's fair - right? But I don't think you should snag everything off one designer, add in some papers and ribbons and sell it as a kit. To me that's just wrong.

I use a lot of CU template when doing my kits as well as clip art, but the templates require work as you have to do the recoloring, resizing, etc. You need to combine components to get what you want.

With the items I'm using for the "Toad U So" kit, I've even marked them as ObD since they are here work, not mine. The same with the items that Helga puts out. But in most cases, Nanly jump plopped her items in straight off Outlaws site - except maybe for some resizing and format conversion. I don't think it's fair to claim it as your own when you do that.

And of course, this kit continues to be sold and no one really says anything about it, yet Designs by Ali put out her Sabre's kit, had a slight problem with some CU stuff, took it out and replaced it and people are still making a stink about it on various Yahoo Groups. I mean, come least Ali is trying to be compliant. Is Nanly?

Gothic Cross

This the poser included in the kit. At least though with Outlaw's stuff she's got better quality posers than some of the God awful stuff she's used in other kits.

I would have enjoyed this a whole lot more, if I didn't feel so bad for the jacking of Kel's material.

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