Friday, April 3, 2009

Gothica Meadow

Today's Pet Peeve: I went grocery shopping after work last night. Now...Sweetbay has not been crowded, most people are going down to the Grand Opening of the Publix Marketplace on Santa Barbara, so the parking lot was not even moderately full. When I pulled in a white SUV was pulling out and so I took that spot, the second in from the top of the row. There was an SUV in the handicapped spot next to me.

When I came out of the store, there was a woman and her six (or seven) year old daughter loading groceries into the SUV. Neither of them were handicapped. I can guarantee it, because I ran across them in the pet aisle as well. Smart mouthed, but not handicapped. Yes, they had a permit and yes, I'm sure they have that permit because someone in their family needs it, BUT...said individual was NOT along on this shopping trip. They had NO RIGHT to take up a spot that a handicapped person might have needed.

She parked there as a matter of convenience. I guess the extra 20 or 25 feet walking past three or four cars in the lot would have killed her. I think the law should be that if you're parked in a handicapped spot - permit or no - and you're not handicapped, you should be subject to the same fines (if caught) as a person who parked in that spot without a permit. You don't need to be parked there. that I got that out of the way...

I wanted to play with one of Chili Designz kits, and so I fired up Gothic Meadow last night. There is one poser from Outlaw by Design that comes in the kit, so I stuck with the theme and grabbed three more for the purposes of this exercise.

Gothic Meadow

Love the papers, love the colors, and I adore the elements. Could have used some birds and some bugs though. Lady Anne has some house fly posers....

The masks on the first two tags are from Wee Scots Lass.

Gothic Meadow

I snagged the butterfly from Chili's Spring Time (Blog Train) kit.

Gothic Meadow

For this one, I used one of Cameron's masks. The orange paper was done with the mask inverted, and the gray paper was masked out normally. Then I married the two pieces to get the effect.

The bird is from Chili's Exquisite Love taggers kit. The butterfly is from Calypso Designs - one of her 3-D Papillion.

Gothic Meadow

Duct tape and spider webs! What a great combination. I bought the kit off the $1 bin during Tuesday's Dollar Day sale at Paradise 4 Scrappers. Chili's stuff is on sale on this weekend at Exquisite Scraps in case you forgot about Dollar Day.

This was another of WSL's masks. I love the white rose element! I much enjoyed doing these. I'm looking forward to my next excursion into the world of Chili Designz. I have her Sunny Days kit, a departure from the dark end of things and back into the world of pastels.

Speaking of which, I am going to try to take pictures of the fur babies out in the yard. I wanted to do that last weekend, but it rained. Hopefully we'll have better weather this time around.

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