Monday, April 13, 2009

Safari Quest

While Swheat Creations gave me papers in various sizes, Crazy Lady Scraps went in the other direction with her Safari Quest taggers kit. Everything was saved to 800 x 800 pxls, even if it didn't need to be. But then there are times when I like over sized elements, so...

This had started out in another direction, but I didn't really like the posers I had, so I scrubbed it and went with Animal posers instead.

Safari Quest

The white tiger is from the "Fierce Feline" pack from Deanna's Dreams. Note that Deanna's graphics are around 400 x 500 so they are not really suitable for elements for full sized layouts.

The striped paper in the background was from Free Digital Scrapbooking - Tawanda did not give us any animal print paper in her kit. (Iz okay, we still like you!) The Zebra alpha is from Tammy Jean Creations, and yes, while it is a zebra alpha, it works with White Tigers too.

The kit uses the whimsical Jungle Safari clip art from Whimsy Primsy. I supplemented what was in the kit was some additional pieces from the collection.

Safari Quest

The elephant poser is from Outlaw by Design. I really like those backpacks, but I think they are an action, so unless someone reduces them to a template, I'm destined not to have them for any of my creations.

I'm not sure who created the Faux Fur alpha I used on this tag. I had it on my system for a while, and it doesn't have a TOU with it. ::sigh::

I used all different Safari destinations on the tags, BUT...I have no idea if you will find elephants in Tanzania. I didn't research it. I just grabbed some safari destination names and used them. So please don't think these are meant as adverts as to what you might see where.

Safari Quest

The snakes are also from Outlaw by Design. I really like the paper frames BTW. Good stuff! Since Tawanda did not give me a snake sticker, I took one from the clip art set. Also, I could not match her style of sticker so yes, they look a little different. One of the girls on the Butterfly Lounge said she has an action that makes those, I don't know if CLS also used an action. The wild alpha is from Chriscap.

Safari Quest

I always wanted to go on Safari when I was younger. Sadly, I could not physically handle a safari anymore. I can't even handle a trip to the zoo.

The Monkey is also from Outlaw by Design, while the tiger alpha is from Tammy Jean Creations.

Safari Quest

The lioness is from Deanna's Dreams, from the "Fierce Felines" element pack. These where all "my" stickers and while the lion was included with the kit, I did one of my own stickers so the style would match. I was still playing with the bevel so the tiger is a bit heavier than the other two. I was an experiment that helped me determine where I was going with the clip art I'm using in the kits I'm currently working on.

As per the first tag, the tiger paper is from Free Digital Scrapbooking and the alpha is from Tammy Jean Creations.

Most of Tawanda's kit are very reasonably priced to start with - usually around $2 for a taggers sized kit, but she almost always has them in the $1 bin on Tuesday's at Paradise 4 Scrappers. If you're looking for a cute safari kit, be sure to pick up Safari Quest!

Anyway, that does it for the safari themed kits just at the moment. I do have one by Soxsational Scraps, but I've done a number of tags with it in the past, so I'll skip it. Maybe once I get back to doing kitty cat tags I'll take the cat blogosphere on a Safari. I just really haven't had the time or inclination with everything else that's been going on in my life.

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