Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fairyland

I had started out intending to do plushies, but the first piece turned into such a lovely fairy backdrop I did them all as a bit of fairy delight.

All of the posers are from KairinaKat Kreations, although from different of her element packs. All of the scraps came from the CSS Easter Countdown Collab kit which some how got derailed. We never got the "Doodles and Bling" as they gave us "Buttons and Brads" twice instead. So I ended up buying the doodles pack so I could complete the kit.

The 3D decorated Easter Eggs are courtesy of Brandi's Creations. They came in three different downloads so be sure to check her blog for all three.

Fairy Wonderland

The Fae in this tag is from the Aqua Fantasy element pack, and is one of Shelly's Elisa posers.

Fairy Wonderland

This is the Light Blue Gaia Fairy. All of Fae used in these tags can be purchased at the Creative Scrap Store for very reasonable prices.

Fairy Wonderland

The pink Gaia Fairy dwells in a floral wonderland.

I was pleased to note that Photobucket has come up with a way to tag photos that does not take several minutes each to get through. Finally!

Fairy Wonderland

Elisa in Fantasy in Pink completes our set of Fae for today.

Tags two and three use masks from Cameron's Tags to create the paper effects.

If you are celebrating a holiday this weekend, have a happy one. And may the giant bunny of sugary goodness bring you many, many, many colored and chocolate eggs.

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