Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kitchen Cuisine

I cooked this weekend, with substantially better results than Ginger, LOL. I made spaghetti, which I'd not made in while. It's delic!

Joan asked if my oven had gotten repaired yet and I replied that it had not, which is why I made spaghetti instead of say - Oh, calzones. She agreed it was a wise decision.

My sister shares Ginger's talent in the kitchen however. The standing joke is that her first marriage ended in a divorce after she tried to poison her first husband, once too many times, with dinner.

Her current partner however, loves to cook, even after a hard days work. He says it relaxes him, so at least she's not responsible for putting food on the table this time around.

When she was 12 or there about, she decided to cook herself a hamburger for lunch. This is one of the stories of our child hood, but one of the reasons I did all the cooking as a kid, and she didn't.

She managed to set a grease fire off in the frying pan. So she grabbed a cup of water from the sink and threw it in the pan, which only served to spread the fire. (Always throw flour on a grease fire.) By this time the flames were licking at the curtains on the window which were next to the stove, so she grabbed frying pan and tried to carry it to the sink.

But the flames started flying back at her (from the forward motion of the pan) at which point she freaked out and threw the frying pan - grease fire and all. Happily, it landed upside down and burned only a hole in the rug before it smothered out. Otherwise...well...I could just imagine the whole apartment building going up!

(See if you can top that one, Ging!)

I had not planned on making a Mother's Day kit, but Rowena kind of wanted one and well...I had some Mama Bear clip art. As cooking seemed to be a theme this weekend, I went ahead and made it a cooking kit.

Gran's Goodies

I did these tags this morning before I'd gotten any caffeine in my system and, as I'm not done with the kit, are only a small preview of what I'm working on.

This uses some of the Mama Bear clip art, was well as one of the decorated frames. I'm including four decorated frames, plus an assortment of frames you and decorate for yourself, with the ribbons, wraps and flowers and to do so.

Lil Chef

It also works pretty well as a general cooking kit. I have two of the "Lil Chef" posers from Outlaw by Design, that I'm going to include in the kit. The alphas in both tags are from Bits'N'Bobs. They are blog freebies and are NOT included in the kit and are only used for display purposes.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I need help coming up with the name for the kit! The current candidates are:

Mom's Magic (or Mama's Magic)
Granny's Goodies
Yummy Mummy
Mmmm Mmmm Mom
(kind of a take off on the old Campbell's Soup commercials)

Of course, if you have a suggestion of your own, please feel free offer it. Otherwise, leave a comment and let me know what your vote would be!

You can look for my cooking kit to be released next week - just in time for Mother's Day!

Remember that this Friday, the freebie is part of the May Goodie Train, and I'm sure ya'll will love it!

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Ginger said...

OMG! Your sister has really got me beat! She's lucky to have found someone that will cook for her. Does he have a rich available brother? LOL!

The southern girl in me has to vote for mama's magic on the cooking kit. Can't wait to see!