Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Groovy-ness

It occurred to me that I never scrapped the first Synchro-Scrap, the Exquisite Love one, so I've been working on that. But this afternoon, while I was prowling about online, I ran across an Exquisite Love kit by Southern Scraps that I don't think I have AND a Sex in the City kit by Queen Brat that I'm quite certain I don't have. Weirdness. I'll check when I get home but...

In any case, here's the next installment in the Groovylicious Give Away at Exquisite Scraps. Remember ladies, you only have until Friday to snag these kits - then they become PTU items.


These first two tags use the scraps of Gemini Creationz. I had purchased the sixties clip art earlier with the intent of doing a sixties kit, it's just that the ladies of Exquisite scrap beat me to it. Not at I'm complaining, I get a lot of CU templates out of their efforts.

In pulling the Groovy 60's clip art to get the Hippies for these first two tags, I discovered that Just a Girl's kit pulled more from the clip art then I thought it did. Nothing wrong with that, just thought I'd mention it.


The clip art hippies went well with Gemini's scraps as nothing in their kit was very realistic. It was all very papery, which made from some nice, colorful and fun tags.

These next four tags use the scraps from Creative Intentionz "Groovylicious". This one is well worth having with 15 papers and 68 elements, plus a full sized alpha.

The Hippy poser is (b) by Lacy Clagg.





After the initial release, Created by Jill put out a Groovylicous Felt Flower pack, which are used in the background of this tag. CIZ did use the clip art in designing their kit, hence the hippy stickers. The word art in the fourth tag is from the Bits'N'Bobs' kit.

I had more fun doing these as tags from the various separate kits than I've had so far with the Exquisite Love scrapping. I started that yesterday and worked on it a bit more today. The EL kits seem smaller and less stand alone. I find myself borrowing more from other kits in the Syncho-scrap.

My employer made a big fuss about my working through lunch, so I'm leaving at 12:30 and going home for an hour. Eventually he's going to want me for something while I'm not here and then he'll make a big stink about my leaving. But that's okay, I'm going to enjoy the extra PSP time while I've got it.

Welcome to my working week! :)

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