Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gothic Twilight (Tutorial)

Twilight Gothic

This tutorial was written by Dianna Richards of Digicats (and Dogs). Any resemblance to any other tutorial, published or unpublished, living, dead or undead, is purely coincidental.

Please do not rebroadcast, redistribute or otherwise claim this tutorial or any part there of as your own work.

Items you will need to complete this project:

Heartbeatz Creationz Hide & Seek Twilight kit, which is available at the Heartbeatz Creationz Store, as well as other fine online boutiques.

Gothic tube of your choice. I am using Brandy Everette's Victorian Gothic. You need a license to use this tube, which may be purchased at

Wee Scot's Lass Mask # 222 which is available for download Here.

Moon #2 and the Fog Overlay from Dynamis Immortal's "Something Wicked" Taggers kit, which is available for download HERE.

The fonts referenced in this tutorial are available for download HERE.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP. It was written using PSP x1, but should work in most versions of PSP.

To begin, open a canvas, 800 x 800 pxls, floodfill white.

Open Hide & Seek Twilight Paper #20 and add to canvas.

Select layers, load/save mask, load mask from disk and select Wee Scot's Lass mask #222 and load.

Select Layers, Merge, Merge Group.

Resize your canvas by 80% (640 pxls x 640 pxls).

Open PSP12058 Victorian Gothic and select the tube layer, copy and paste as a new image. Mirror the image, then copy and paste it to your canvas to the left the torn heart.

You can then dismiss the new image. You can also close PSP12058.

Open a new canvas, 600 x 600 pxl, flood fill black.

This time around, open Twilight Paper #13 and add to the canvas. Don't worry that it overruns the edges, it won't matter.

Select Moon02 from the Image Reflections kit and add to the new canvas.

Open the fog overlay from the Image Reflections kit, resize by 50% and add to the new canvas, directly over the moon.

Select, Layers, Merge, Merge visible.

Take your selection tool, preset, rectangle, replace, feather 2 and make sure the Anti-alias box is checked. Select the 300 x square fogged area.

Edit, Copy. You can then dismiss the window we were working in (you do not have to save the changes) and return to the main canvas.

Using the pick tool, click inside the heart cut out, which will, in effect, active the white under layer. Edit and Paste as a new layer the image of the fogged moon from your clipboard onto your canvas, then relocate it so that it shows through the heart cut out.

There will be a wee bit of overhang off to the right of the image. Take your little eraser tool and erase it.

On your layer palate, activate the top layer of the canvas again (the layer with the tube on it).

Returning to the twilight kit, select element #4 and copy & paste to your canvas, centered at 200 Horizontal, 430 Vertical on the canvas grid.

Open element #30, rotate right, and resize, 50%. Copy and paste to your canvas as new layer. Rotate the rose until it is more or less horizontal, then center at H200, V560 on the canvas grid.

Activate the tube layer, and using your eraser tool, erase the part of the tube that hangs below the rose's stem, which is a small part of the girl's thigh.

on the layer palate, activate the top layer again (the rose layer). Open element #19. Copy and paste to your canvas, centered at H500, V320, on the canvas grid.

Using your pick tool, rotate the image until the rose curls around the outside the torn heart area. You will probably need to scoot it over to the right about 20 pxls to get the correct effect.

Take your eraser tool and erase the rose stem below the rusty lock in the element. (I love that rusty lock, by the way Jay, that's just Brill!)

Open element #18, resize by 80% and add to your canvas, centered at H100 & V300.

Open element #9, resize by 50% and add to the canvas, centered at H80, V550.

Open element #8. Using a suitable Gothic type font, add your copyright into to the tag.
I am using Corps-Script, 12 points. Since I think Brandy's work is the bomb, use a nice legible shade of gray for the typing. I'm suing RBG 128 for the stroke and RBG 192 for the fill.

Once you've got everything written and all lined up and looking spiffy, merge visible, then resize by 50%.

Activating the masked layer on your layer pallet, add element #8 with the copyright info, centered at H 410, v 110. Rotate about 20% so that the copyright info is clear of any of the other elements surrounding it and is legible.

Select your tube layer and add a drop shadow to taste. I am using Offset V5, H6, Opacity 44, Blur 10, Color Black.

Save your artist's copy as a .psp file.

Using a suitable Gothy type font (I am using Cup and Talon) add the desired name to the tag. You may choose whatever locate you wish. I am centering at H450, V550. Colors are up to you, I amusing a dark red glitter for the stroke and black glitter for the fill. (Note that the font size will likely depend on the size of the name you need to add, so I'll leave that decision to you.)

On the Layers pallet, select the white under layer and delete.

Select Layers, Merge, Merge Visible, and the save the file as a .png file.

Since you previously saved the artist's copy, you can then reopen that copy and change the name, repeating the last three steps, to suite your fancy as many times as you want or for as many time as the siggy piggies bug you for.

You may wish to resize the finished tag by 85% for use on message forums and the like.


Ginger said...

WOW, girl, what a tut! Makes me wish I used PSP instead of DIP

Jay said...

ooooooooooooooo thankies hunnie, i love what you have done with my kit!you have done it justice, just how i expected it to look in tags when i was making it
thank uuuuuuuu xx