Monday, April 6, 2009

The Groom

In the spring a young man's mind turns to thoughts of...marriage? I find that hard to believe!

However, "The Groom" is one of Lacy Clagg's new releases, and I do have to say he's pretty darling. :)

I used the "A Garden Wedding" kit by Scrappin' with Lil Ole Me for these tags. I'd had it for a while but just never did anything with it. I fit quite well for this young fellow!

The Groom

Lacy has not done a corresponding "Bride" tube, so I have no idea who he's got his eye on, but perhaps she's in the works?

The Groom

I have that Gazebo template and I keep meaning to do SOMETHING with it, I'm just not sure what.

The Groom

My grandmother used to make wedding cakes. In her neighborhood, if you were getting married, you didn't go to the bakery or the grocery store for your cake. You went and talked to Clara. She'd make the most beautiful tiered wedding cakes with swans and fill frosting roses and just...everything on them. Each one was a masterpiece, specially designed for the couple that was getting married.

She also made wedding dresses, but usually limited that activity to family weddings. Still, if something came up and you needed last minute alterations, she'd most likely handle it. She did not however, do any match making. My great grandmother's generation was responsible for that! LOL!

The Groom

I think this last one is my favorite. I'm not sure where Cindy got the clip art from...I did buy some bridal clip art this weekend, so perhaps it is in one of the sets. I haven't really looked at them in detail - yet.

"A Garden Wedding" comes with one of Bits'N'Bobs Snow Bride posers - probably the best bridal poser available - for your tagging pleasure. As we're not mixing tubes, and as I used the snow brides in a different set of tags, I do not use her here.

It's also nice to see some toon boy posers. I'd like to see more! There are 7 tubes in the $4.00 set. Since I only used 4 here, I'll be revisiting the groom using a different kit in the near future.

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