Friday, April 10, 2009

Wild Things

PhotoBucket is up to their old tricks again, this time taking offense to a clip art animals. No seriously! So I decided to try Picasa and see if they have the same problem.

The subject is Tanya, from Perfect Posers, and watch out gents, because she's a wild one. Yes she is! Just look at the at Leopard printed teddy! The scraps are provided by the "Wild Thing" taggers kit by Candy's Treats and the Fragile add on (which should be included with the kit.)

Wild Thing

Diane is finally back in a store after the Taggers Scraps fiasco, which makes me very happy. (Note, this is a .png on a clear background, obviously, Picaso doesn't handle those well...)

wild Thing

The masks in these tags were provided by Wee Scots Lass. The Tiger Scrap Alpha by Tammy Jean's Creations. I have three of her alpha...Tiger, Leopard and Zebra, which I use a lot in the Safara Quest set I'm working on now.

Wild Thing

This is the one that Photobucket deleted as violating their TOUs. It so no nudity. She's not nude...she's got a teddy on. What seems to be the the problem? Perhaps it's the clip art lion and giraff they didn't like? The clip art is from the Noah's Ark set, BTW.

This tag makes use of the Fragile add on for the word art. There is more of that add on in tag # 5.

Wild Thing

The "Wild Thing" word art comes with the kit. (I love animal print stuff, I really do. Real fur however, looks best on those born with it.)

Fragile Thing

The box and background are from the Fragile add on, as is the torn cardboard. There are boxes in the regular kit was well, but I kind of wanted to showcase the add on a bit.

I haven't noticed anything else vanishing off P.B. but I'll definitely have to stick to the straight and narrow there, as they can't even handle marginally racy anymore. (Idiots!)

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