Monday, April 27, 2009

Krissy's Little Miss Princess

Krissy put her Little Miss Princess kit out a little later - Sunday - than everyone else, so I actually did these tags last night/this morning. It only made sense to use her Chibis on her tags.

It's an adorable kit and it comes with two of Krissy's dolls, specially themed to match the kit.

Little Miss Princess

This is one of her Lil Blond posers. The sticker alpha was a blog freebie from Bit'N'Bobs.

Little Miss Princess

Was it Thumbilina who had a coach pulled by birds? Or am I thinking of a different fairy tail? This is one of Krissy's Lil Auburn posers. I worked on the dolls into this piece as well. Since I was using the posers, I didn't really have much use for them. I might do a couple of tags using just the dolls though.

Little Miss Princess

Castles in the clouds? Perhaps the telling of fairy tales is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon? This is one of the Krissy's Lil Brunette posers.

Little Miss Princess

Krissy had done kits to go with her Pink and Blue Bubbalicious posers, and I never had the chance to work with them. I should probably rememdy that soon. I need to get the names of Dolores Grandkids and do some tags for them. She'll get a kick out of it.

The birds are a bit of on ongoing theme, as she worked them into the buttons.

I thought that might be the carriage template from Oopsie Daisy but on second thought...

I really need to get one of the carriage templates though, if not Kristy's then Oopsie Daisy's. Then I can combine it with the wild animal templates and do a princess themed kit where the carriage is drawn by lions or zebras. That would be cool! LOL!

On a side note, QueenBrat had been with Exquisite and then left prior to the release of the Groovylicious scrap. She put out a Groovylicious kit on her own, But when I was looking through her catalog this weekend, I noticed she'd put out a Lil Miss Princess kit using pretty much the same color scheme as Exquisite kits. Now I'm wondering how far in advance they plan these kits, since she's been gone from the store for a while.

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