Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm recovering and seems like everyone else is getting sick. I initially thought I'd have no use for either Southern Scrapz "Got the Sniffles" taggers kit or Lacy Clagg's Dr. Jaimi posers, but I was wrong on both accounts.

Joan brought the case of the sniffles which I likely got into the office. She's always in my office bugging me, so it should be no surprise that I caught it.

Dr. Jaimi

I'd done this tag and sent it too her with a note that if she didn't get well soon, Dr. Jaimi was going to stick that needle into her scrawny old behind. She's still coughing and didn't listen.

Dr. Jaimi

These next two I did while I was off last weekend in between sleep periods. My waking periods lasted from 20 minutes to an hour so in both cases, the tags were spread out over several sleeps as it takes my computer a phenomenally long time to save things sometimes.

Nasty as Nyquil is, I'd prefer it and a bowl of chicken soup over Dr. Jaimi's alternative.

Dr. Jaimi

And my teddy bear. Actually, I don't have a teddy bear, I have a stuffed tiger, named Teary, after another Terry I know, who's a paramedic. He always makes me feel better (the tiger, that is).

Julie tagged me for the 8 things me-me so here we go:

8 things I am looking forward to

1. Going back to sleep.
2. Getting my new car so I can
3. Go and watch baseball!
4. Vacation!
5. Seeing Tyler & Alex again (and yes Joe, you too.)
6. Going to the beach.
7. The start of GCL season.
8. Did I mention going back to sleep?

8 things I did yesterday

1. Made Italian Vegetable Soup. (Now you know what's for dinner for the rest of the week.)
2. Worked on the Chocolicious Kit.
3. Sent the preview for Toad U So off to the Goodie Blog Train. (Yup, it's back from the dead. Go vote on the new color scheme. Please pick "Sailboats" because I'm pinked out already.)
4. Found the Miss Diamond's feather wand that's been missing for 3 years.
5. Dreamed of Eli. Wished he'd come back from Wisconsin.
6. Read (Scottish Brides Anthology)
7. Finished George and Amy's tax return. Got them a nice fat refund.
8. Washed dishes (goes with thing #1)

8 things I wish I could do

1. Hire a maid.
2. Find a cure for arthritis.
3. Get good enough at designing to sell my kits in a store.
4. Go back to sleep.
5. Go on Safari.
6. Go back up to Canada again. I haven't been to Toronto in a while.
7. Go visit Eli in Wisconsin.
8. Did I mention go back to sleep?

8 shows I watch
I don't watch TV except for the odd sporting event here and there.
I'm a reader.

8 people I'm tagging

Ginger (Hey, that was a stretch, right?)
Gail (She can tell us about her holiday)


Jay said...

lol ill go have a go at this hun!

mail me at hun with your addy, i will send you my twilight kit to work with x
jay x

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are on the mend :) I hope that you don't get it a 2nd time around though after it has been through everyone else hehe
I agree on the maid! ;)