Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Miss Princess

Julie, of Bits'N'Bobs, had mentioned she was interested in what I'd make of this week's theme from Exquisite Scraps. I already knew ahead of time it was "Little Miss Princess", and perhaps that is not surprising, as the previous theme was more boy targeted.

Time to do the girls.

Miss Danielle got me up to speed on my Princess tagging back in December, and I've not done a rash of princess tags since, so I guess it was about time. (Other themes for this weekend's tagging session are "Glam Rock" and "Twilight", BTW.)

For Julie's tags, I chose to use her "Sweet as Sugar" poser which I'd sort of forgotten about until I saw her in the Mixed Poser pack BNB released earlier this week. The "Little Miss Princess" kit is free for this week only, so click on over to Exquisite Scraps and grab it while the grabbing is good.


I was trying for a traditional sort of symbolic look for this tag, and I think it worked out pretty well. The Scripted Jewels alpha that I used for the name plate is by Bizee 1 Digi-Arts, and is one of my favorite. I have that crown template and had meant to use it for my "Toad U So" taggers kit which will be released as part of the May Goodie Train next Friday, but somehow, it never made it into the kit.

I love the carriages. There are three included in the kit.


The Diva word art was part of a Girlz Word Art freebie by Kiden Studios. I sort of like the grungy paper, much better than the flowered paper in the first tag. But then, I'm sort of a grungy person.


One must have the proper attitude to be a princess, as exemplified in this tag. The word art is from my buddy Ginger over at Ginger's House.

I like the ribbon and key element, but was having hard time working it into the designs I was doing. Perhaps another time. ::sigh::

There are 5 taggers sized kits and one full sized mini-kit was part of the Freebies at Exquisite as of this writing. Norma, from Swheat Creations, also released a very similar "Fairy Tales" taggers kit which is not part of the give away, but which I will try to cover as part of our weekend tagging session as well.

Anyway, it's 4 AM so I'm off to bed now. Tag at you later!


Bits N Bobs said...

Awesome job once again sweetie and thank you for letting me know they were ready :O)

Templates cam from Kirsty hun

Ginger said...

I can tell you're feeling better, cause you have been super busy making these tags! They all look great!