Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cats on Tuesday - Van Meowlin

Cats on Tuesday

Saturday was "Bike Night" in the Cape, a monthly festivity started by the Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps because it was a holiday weekend, this one was bigger than usual and was not limited to 47th Terrace as is usually the case. There was a stage set up and live music starting from around 2:00 pm in the afternoon.

It might have been at Eddie Fishbowl's, I'm not sure. With the water, the sound sort of bounces around, making it hard to locate in which direction it's coming from.

In an case, around 8 PM the "Headline" band took the stage. The amps were cranked up and they lead off with a Sublime number that I could hear quite clearly at the house. I should note that the headliner is still a local band, just like all the rest of the acts, just a little bit better. Yes, Sully from Godsmack might live in the Cape, but we don't get treated to free Godsmack concerts - darn it all anyway.

Lemme Out!

Out in the backyard, Tristan, my little Rock Star took center stage as well, jumping up on the table on the patio and meowling along with the band. Granted, it wasn't in tune, but I think they hear things we don't and react to them in different ways.

With the weather turning nicer both Tristan and Diamond have been outside nearly constantly, making me feel unloved some days. Tris did come and curl up in my lap the other day for some lovin' and Diamonds always up for a good scritch when I settle down to read, which I did last night, finishing off the romance I'd been enjoying.

Lemme Out!

This is Tris demanding to be let out. He'd come in to eat, but the minute I turned out the camera, he bolted for the door and demanded egress. He doesn't like the flashy box and is becoming quite camera shy.

Lemme Out!

Notice how dirty his paws are?

I have no idea when Tris' big premier on American Idol is going to happen, but I do have to say, we're all hopeful that he'll soon have the recording contract he dreams of.

I've been slogging along, trying to put together a Cinco de Mayo kit and feeling largely uninspired about it. Saturday night though, I had sat down to do some tags I'd been thinking about, and then changed my concept and started creating a new kit along the same lines.

I currently have 16 papers and 112 elements, and while I'd like to believe I'm done, it occurred to me this morning I hadn't decorated the frames, nor had I enclosed any wraps so people using the kit could decorate them themselves. So...they'll be more elements forthcoming and I should probably add some more papers as well, just to balance things out.

The theme has to do with kissing a lot of frogs in an attempt to find your Prince Charming and inspired in part by some of Ms. Ginger's word art, which I also am using in the kit (with her permission, of course).

I was trying to explain this to Rowena, but finally decided to put together a tag to show her a little of what I'm trying to do...

Toad U So

"Toad U So" will be part of the May Goodie Train, so look for my "mega kit" to be available around the beginning of next month.

Meanwhile, yes, I'm going back to work on the Cinco de Mayo kit as well, and I have some ideas for both dog and kitty cat themed kits.


Gattina said...

Yes when the weather is nice our laps are a little neglected, lol ! Wait until it rains again !

catsynth said...

So Tristan is becoming a rock star? Maybe we could post some of his music?

Ydiana said...


They do enjoy outdoors better don't they. Maybe also performing their rock band to a group of feline friends at some backyard...? Haha!

Unknown said...

My kitties are spending more time outside, too. Glad I'm not the only one feeling neglected lol. Happy COT.

Ginger said...

I love the Prince Charming tag! I've also got to share your goth tags with my friend Terry. They are so her!