Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

No food for Tabby brofur!

Diamond's latest idea for getting rid of unwanted tabby brofurs is to starve him out. That being said, when she's in the house, she stakes out the food dish and won't let him have any. Saturday she came into the house and brutally shoved him away from his food dish while he was eating.

Sunday, after having eaten all her food, she was waiting for me to put Tris's down so she could eat it too. No matter that it would make her sick, it would prevent him from getting any. Ah, but I cleverly put her out in the back yard and fed Tris when she wasn't in the house.

No food for Tabby brofur!

Wherein lies the flaw in her plan. She is acclimated to my schedule and tends to sleep at night and go out during the day. Tristan is still on a night day schedule and goes out most of the night, so he has the house - and the food dish - to himself during the day.

Of course, we still have the problem in which Tris and Diamond will still only eat at the one feeding station...the food just doesn't taste as good if I move it elsewhere.

Tristan gets treats

Except for treats. Party Mix is good to eat anywhere. I knew that 80s anthology was good for something besides big hair!

Rachel from Captivated Visions had mentioned her new "Wild Thing" kit complements the "Fierce Feline" poser pack by Deanna's Dreams quite well. It does, and the pair released an alpha to go with it.

The main problem I have is with the Fierce Feline posers. Some - most - are okay. But all cats, when they walk, lift their feet on the same side of their bodies at the same time. The are one of only three animal species on the planet that naturally walk this way. Horses can be taught to do it - i.e. "pacing" in harness racing - but it's not a natural gait to them.

You can find an example of this HERE. Deanna was unaware of this, and has them "trotting" - lifting their limbs on alternate side of their bodies, much like a horse. And while animal poser tend to look exceptionally fake to start with, these end up looking unnaturally fake.

I have minimized her mistake as best I could in these tags.

Wild Thing

Furry does not translate well in poser. I have some "furry cats" that someone took many hours to fur, but even they look odd. Then again, most poser people tend to look kind of dollish, so...

Wild Thing

There's a lot of greenery in the kit, but I've not seen any of the "wild" kits take advantage of the theme to enclose some really exotic flowers. Rachel brings her own form of urban grunge into the jungle as well, with the rusty iron fencing.

But I dislike caging my cats.

Wild Thing

She forgot the "tuft" on the end of the lion's tail as well, so took pains to cover it up. I mean, granted, she's a poser artist, not a wildlife expert, but don't most kids learn early on that lions have tufts on the end of their tails?

While I did drop her a line about the gait, I didn't say anything about her tails because I didn't want to sound too critical. I think that may be the problem with poser. It lets you create art work without first studying your subject. And any good artist should first become familiar with their subject.

Wild Thing

You can see where she has the gait wrong in this one. It seems more like she was looking at dogs for poses than at cats. Dunno, maybe she's a dog person. I otherwise like her graphics, I just think she missed a bit on the fierce feline pack.

I do have an idea to do a "tabby cat kit" but I also want to capture the "tiger in my tabby" and add a wild element too kit. Going through the existing wild themed kits has been instructional in terms of what I'd like to include.

Those butterflies are beautiful BTW!

Wild Thing

I am very fond of white tigers so I had to include this one. The Miami Metro zoo keep White Bengal Tigers and it's amazing to watch both them, and their orange coated brethren, in their exhibit. The are so like house cats and then, so unlike them at the same time.

The flower in this tag and in the third tag came from the Blooming Grabbags 1 & 2 by Chili Designz. Definitely need more exotic flowers.


The Activist said...

There is love in sharing they say

Gattina said...

Starve him out, lol the poor thing ! Cats are the most stubborn creatures in the world ! when they have something in their heads it's hard to get out ! Our little room tigers have all their little ticks and tricks !
Lovely paintings !

Unknown said...

Our Smokey hogs the food in our house lol. Great post, Happy COT

catsynth said...

Hopefully over time they will learn to share, or at least tolerate use of the same food station.

Lovely graphics, too.

srp said...

Willow pushes everyone out of the way when she eats.. she will walk up and just hit them on the head. Such a bully she is. You are right... cats are much more purposeful and set in their ways than dogs are.

Ellen Whyte said...

Great post and great pics. Aren't cats the wiliest of creatures? Imagine trying to starve out your fellow fluffs!

TorAa said...

It seems like some cats thinks it "greener on the other side of the Fence", meaning here of course: the food is better on the other "plate".

It's correct what you write about the cats walking. But when running, at least our Manx, runs like Rabbits.
And people who observes them in our Summer Garden really believe they have observed Rabbits.

The Kit is marvellous. Have not seen such around here.

Anonymous said...

hehe it is the opposite at our house. Vic is always the "pusher" and "gobbler" :)