Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues

I had purchased some clip art by Cheryl Seslar from Digiweb Studios - she does some really cute stuff - and I didn't understand why no one uses her graphics. turns out, what Digiweb sells is only for personal use. If you want to use it for kits, you need to buy a creative use license which turns out to be in $70 range, which is a bit prohibitive.

No big deal, it does not impact any of the kits I have planed or am working on, and what I do have I can use for my personal tags, so...

The three brides in this set of tags are from Seslar's Boutique Bride pack. The scraps are from the "Just Married" taggers kit from Scrap Nanly.

I'm of two minds about Nanly's stuff. Her kits are fun to work with, but a couple of them are in direct violation of the TOU from Outlaw by Design, and she never includes a list of credits, even when she uses items which requires a line in her credits (like Shelly's posers).

You'll notice that there are a number of items included in this kit that are also in the "I Do" kit from Designs by Ali. (Um...I have yet to post those tags, they're coming.) Ali at least includes a brief list of credits. Nanly does not.

(I just make a master list of credits and attach that, in the hopes that I don't miss anyone.)

Just Married

Nanly also included some Bougainvillea and called them "Roses". She's French-Canadian and does that a lot. Her Chinatown kit actually has griffins in it which she calls "Dragons" and I'm pretty sure griffins were never part of Chinese culture.

I did like her charm however, which I decorated up and turned into a tag. No one every seems to include tags in wedding kits.

Just Married

Her wedding ring set is one of the better ones I've seen and I like the cake and bouquet, which is from an element pack reference below.

Just Married

I'm not sure why all of Seslar's brides look unhappy. It sort of reminds me of my mother who claims she was forced into marrying my father. Was she unhappy on her wedding day?

Just Married

Her dress is better than the ones I've seen in other kits. The putto (which are incorrectly called cherubs) are from Chili Designz, from her Antique Treasures #5. I kind of figured when they started releasing those sets that I'd have to have them, and so far, I have five of the seven. ::sigh::

Back to dresses....why can't you rent a wedding dress the way you can rent a tux? I know...I keep hearing about how sentimental women are...but what are you going to do with the thing after the wedding?

My mother's dress, which was made by my grandmother, was remade into a christening gown. My mother has the christening gown locked up in her house and it's become a point of contention in the family. Cindy wants it to up in Jessica's hope chest, and as Jessica is the only one in the family likely to have a need for a christening gown anytime in the foreseeable future, I don't see the problem.

But my mother refuses to let the friggin' thing go. Yet she HATED - and you'd have to listen to her to understand just how much she HATED - the marriage. It boggles the mind.

See...if she'd rented the dress, then we wouldn't have this issue. Ah well...

Anyway, I think the dress and tux are Nanly's creations that there is a CU template available for them. Serenity Desynes has a Here Comes the Bride element pack that has a very nice dress in it too. That same pack provided some of the elements for Nanly's kit - such as the cake and the bouquet, which were recolored to match the kit colors.

There are also a set of (fairly expensive) scrips by Sirena Mala that do several dress designs as well as other elements. I just thought I'd mention it in case anyone out there was planning on doing a wedding kit.

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