Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All that Glitters (Part I)

Remember how I said I wasn't going to buy any more little snowman kits? Or penguins, or polar bears or mice for that matter?

Yeah, well...

Winter Fun

Winter,Clip Art Creations

This little piece uses the "Country Snowman Fun" kit from Bittersweet Designs. The Little Gingerbread Cuties are by Zee's Designs (they are a freebie, BTW) and come with the templates as well, and you can design your own to use commercially.

The "Icy" alpha is by Bits 'N' Bobs. I used this one a lot, so....

But, I'm not buying ANY MORE little snowman kits!

Except for...

Frosty Fun

Winter,Clip Art Creations

The Perky Penguins (there are two, I only used one) are from Deb's Design and come with the template to design your own, which you can then use commercially.

The snowman kit in this case is called "Snow Family" and it is also by Bittersweet Designs. And the really scary thing is, Amber just keeps turning 'em out. She just released the Sally Snow taggerskit.

The "Snow Outline" Alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking, but you knew that, right?



Truant uses the same "Frosty Family" kit as the above piece. In this case though, the central figure is a little poser elf by Charly at Perfect Posers. He comes in a set of 8 for $7.00 (US) and can be purchased at AussieScraps.com. (And if I haven't paid Charly's store rental already, she's released five more tube packs today! Eck!)

The little patchwork plushie is from Brandi's Creations, and the Icy Alpha, is from Bits 'N' Bobs as in the "Winter Fun" piece - both are FTU.

The Mrs.


This is similar to the above piece in that the Poser is from Perfect Posers, the kit is by Bittersweet Designs and the alpha is by Bits 'N' Bobs.

In this case, the kit is "Christmas Traditions". I'm not kicking myself for getting this one as it's not a "snowman" kit. In fact, it's a rather nice kit in yes, the traditional Christmas vein.

And isn't Rudolph just adorable?

Mrs. Claus was part of a set of four for $6.00 (also at AussieScrap.com). Charly has just put out another Mrs. Claus, this time in more provocative dress, three for six (us).

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Anonymous said...

hehe Why is nothing fun ever free? :)
You should try making your own :)
There are plenty of tutorials out there :)