Friday, November 28, 2008


I actually got response back from Taggers. They claim the system is overloaded. I tried at 2:00 AM EST, again at 6:00 EST and now, at 6:30 AM EST and guess what? With two "members" and 4 "guests" in the store, their system is still overloaded.


In other words, they either don't know what the problem is, or it's a whole bait and switch thing. Lure people in with sale, but don't actually sell them anything.

Kiss This

I'm still kind of into the plushie thing, however, Candy's Treats had put out a new S.W.A.L.K. kit, which I already did a Devilicious tag with, but I had this lovely ur...Valentines fairy...from Outlaw by Design. The thing is...she looks really tough!

Fairies,Romantic,Fantasy,Valentine's Day

So pucker up boys!

This isn't exactly what I wanted to do, but I still can't get glitter to look right when I try to do something with it in PS5.0. So....

Hot 4 U

Plushies,Angels & Devils,Valentine's Day,Romantic

The little plushie is from Scrappy Lippy's Devil Me Care. She didn't enclose a credit list so I don't know if she got it elsewhere or if whe did get it elsewhere, where said elsewhere might be. I do like the little demon cat character though!

The Halloween Alpha was a freebie from Crazy Diamond. None of these were intended to be be either Halloween or Valentine's Day pieces, despite the fact that I put them in the Valentine's Day folder on Photobucket. Just didn't really know where else to put them.


Teddy Bear,Romantic,Valentine's Day

Here you go Manny, this one's for you! LOL!

I bought the Joe Cool bear a while ago. He's from Scraps with an Attitude and is available at Aussie Scraps. I figured I should do something with him.

We need some Christmas Bears. I guess I could just do a tag and stick a Santa hat on him?

I did get the items I wanted from Designer Scraps already. Their cart works fine. Never had a problem with it. And Lacy has a lot of interesting items in her tube store on sale which don't usually show up in her catalog, So If I take my money off elsewhere instead of spending it at Taggers, hey...can you blame me?

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