Monday, November 17, 2008

Cats at the Beach

These were all done using Soxsational's Funky Monkey Taggers kit. I had done the one for Tris and it set off a chain reaction...

The alphas in the first two are from Maria LaFrance's now discontinued Aloha kit.

Sir Tristan,Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Cats at the Beach

House Panther,Domestic Cat,Cats at the Beach,Long Haired Cat

Cats at the Beach,Domestic Cat,House Panther,Tabby Cat

The Island Cats are a little hard for me to scrap because they use small photos on their blog. These then pixelate out (as Ernie, the black cat did) when try to do something with them.

I have on occassion asked for a larger version of a photo if I see one I want to use, and for the most part, I've been accomodated, so I guess I could try that with the Island cats as well.

Queen of the Jungle

This one is a left over from the Jungle Love run. I need to expand a bit on the kitties I'm using for Blue Wednesdays...

British Shorthair,House Panther,Blue Wednesday,Jungle Love

I used Soxsational Scrap's Jungle Fever Taggers Kit (of course). The MSS October Alpha is from Sir Scrap-a-lot.

Sygia Swan

House Panther,Domestic,Pirate,Meow Like a Pirate Day

This uses the freebie Pirate Girls Rock mini-kit from Kyra, who excells at putting together mini-kits from collected clip art. This one is great if you've got a young lady and would like to do a Pirate themed party for her, in terms of putting together invitations and the like.

The Enchanted Forest alpha is from Vicki (a.k.a. A Work in Progress).

Victor the Bloodthirsty

Pirate,Exotic Shorthaired Cat,Poser

This was a pressie tag. Victor and his Mum then expanded it on to a great educational post about the Great Barrier Reef.

The Pirate poser is (c) 2008 by Incognito, who does wonderful work. The scraps were provided by the Pretty Dirty Pirate Taggers Kit from Kristy's Scraps. The Black Epoxy Alpha comes from Free Digital Scrapbooking and is still one of my favorites.

Kristy also has a "Shiver your Timbers" pirate themed taggers kit in primarily pink and black which would work well for your little pirate lasses, although I think I still prefer Yarrow's A Pirate's Life kit for the lady privateers.

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