Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Old West Wisdom

I found a really great cowgirl tube over at the LC Tube Store but the turn around there isn't instantaneous, you have to wait for your tubes. So while I as waiting for "Monica" to arrive I thought I'd put the some of the western tubes I had from Brandi's Creations "Wanna be a Cowboy" kit to use.

As before, all the sayings came from the Wisdom of the old West area at the Legends of America site.

A Good Run


I'm taking this to mean the retreat is the better part of valor, but then half my mind keeps whispering an alternate meaning for "run" and "stand". In any case.

The cowboy tube, like all the cowboy tubes in this post, and the rope overlay are (c) 2008 by Brandi's Creations.

I used GigglyGirlz Scraps "Wild Wild West" taggers kit for this kit. Note that GigglyGirlz has now changed her name to Crimson Butterfly Scrapz. I gather name changing among designers is nearly as common as stores opening and closing.

The Hot Brass and Satin Gold Alphas are both freebies from Free Digital scrapbooking.

Smart Ass


A fool probaby didn't last too long in the west, but a smart ass probably didn't fair too much better either. Cowboys could be a proud lot in their own way.

The Scraps in this kit are from Lisa's Designs' "Western Wonder" Taggers kit except for the saddle, which is from the above mentioned "Wild Wild West" taggers kit.

The Rawhide Alpha was nice little freebie from Kristine Pocock of Wenchd Grafix.

A man afoot


In many cases, a cowboy was only as good as the horse he rode. If you watched "Dances with Wolves", you've seen how valuable a smart horse can be.

The Scraps are from the "Western Wonder" Taggers kit, which is a new-to-me Western kit and a nice addition to my western tagging collection. I also got the two Western themed kits from Designs by Helly: "Save a Horse" and "Blue Jean Baby". I expect that they'll probably get a work out when I start playing with the Monica tube.

The font on all of these tags is the Harlow Solid Italic font, which Is the same one I think that Scrappy Lover used to create the rope alpha effect in her "Sassy Cowgirl" kit.

Don't Go There


90% of driving these days is that cars don't have sense, and in many cases, neither do the drivers. Horse sense should never be underestimated.

As with the past three tags, the scraps are from the "Western Wonder" Taggers kit by Lisa's Designs, and the Rawhide Alpha is from Wenchd Graphix.

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