Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Angels & Devils

These first two aren't really angels. They are part of the Peaches & Cream Package which is (c) 2008 from Perfect Posers, but they looked sort of Angelic, so...

In both cases, the Wings and the Halos came from Untamed Angel's Heaven and Hell kit.

Pastel Angel

Angels & Devils,Poser

Yarrow's Denim & Daisies taggerskit provided the background scraps I used on this one. The Silver Twylight Alpha, which I've used before, is from Amber Gray Designs.

Earth Angel

Angels & Devils,Poser

In this case, the background scraps came from Bluedream Designs' FTU Earth taggerskit. I've wanted to play with that one for a while, as I really like the rose, and never quite find an opportunity.

I don't think the Hayden posers, which are (c) 2008 by Untamed Angel, are meant to be Devils either. After all, there are no horns or tails, unless I add them, which I didn't.

But they look kind of devilish.

Black Heart

Angels & Devils,Poser

The background kit is the relatively recent Blackened Heart kit from Chaos Priestess. I don't know why I went with the blue/green shift on the piece, but it seemed to work and really set off the poser.

Princess of Darkness

Angels & Devils,Poser,Gothic

The red mask, and the pitchfork are from UA's Heaven & Hell kit. The Goth doll is from Krissy's Scraps. I bought a couple of more last night, but the ones that appeal to me are somewhat limited.

The rest of the scraps are from the Dark Soul kit from Melissa's Scraps. It does come with a poser, but I wanted to use the Hayden one. I'll do something with the one that comes with the kit as well.

My mother never called me her Princess of Darkness, but in one of her more enlightened moments, she did releave that she always felt I had a Dark Soul, that some people are just "that way" and that I am one of them. Interesting thought, coming from her.

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