Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sun & Surf

Tropicania (and Goldie for that matter) are (c) 2008 by Perfect Posers ( and sort of fall into the Fantasy category, but not in the same way the fairies do.

I liked them because they are bright however. And as I've mentioned before, the Beach never goes out of fashion in Florida, certainly not on the Gulf Coast. If it wasn't for the boots, she certainly wouldn't look out of place at the beach with the rest of her outfit.

Flight of the Dragonflies


This uses Toni Scraparoni's Son of a Beach kit. I'm not sure what she's looking at. Seashells maybe?

I love all the bling in Toni's kits. I can never get glitter to work right for me when I try to make something with it. Must be a trick I don't know.

(There are a lot of tricks I don't know.)

Endless Summer


The Aloha kit from Maria LaFrance ( is no longer available, since some of the stamps say things like "Summer 2007". I picked it up on the retirement sale. I've used it with the cats and I even did a baseball layout with it - but then again, the was for one of our pitchers, Ian, who's from Hawaii. I certainly wouldn't do that for just anyone.

There isn't much surf in Florida except when hurricanes are blowing in. Otherwise you're stuck windsurf, although there are some people that are really good at that.

There used to be a guy down in the keys that would windsurf on the dock with a skateboard, watching him dance around with that sail was pretty fascinating. Not something I'd ever care to try though.

Summer Breeze


The Brights kit, as I mentioned under the plush pieces I did previously, was a freebie from Kittz Kreationz.

The Splat Alpha is by Ziggle Designs & Kami Leonard. I'm not sure I like it on the piece, but I don't hate it, so...

Kind of reminds me of paintball.

Lucky Enough


The kit is called Summer Beach Sizzler and it was a freebie I got from Voodoo Scraps. Evidently, she's a British scrapper and I got a giggle out of the pine tree and the generic tree (but no palm tree), the use of the word "rug" and of course the "Ice Lollies". Oh my.

The beach in Great Britain is MUCH different than the beach in Florida.

The word art is from Ginger's House, a blog I found in just the last couple or three days. She's been doing a Twilight quote a day until the movie opens next weekend. In any case, she's a fellow Floridian although she hails from the east, not the west, coast.

This is somewhat therapeutic just now. I've got 10 (of 13) of my guest felines (and canines) done for Thursday but I'm starting to get horrendously sick of the fall color scheme. The fairies at least were a bit more versatile.

Anyway, the bright colors are a bit amusing...I'm not really in the mood for goth just now.

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Anonymous said...

I think she is in a Raver outfit... that was after my "time", but hey I just love clothes.. hehe
When my hubby first moved out here ( to where we used to live on the coast) he was quite "happy"? to see women in bikini tops and shorts and skirts just wandering around the shopping centers hehe