Saturday, November 15, 2008

Belle of the Ball

I love Stephanie Laurens' romance novels, remembering of course that they are works of fiction and never really happened. However, casting the stories against the glittering ballrooms of the Regency era ton, make them as much fantasy as they are romance.

The Belle of the Ball posers from Charly (© 2008 by Perfect Posers) aren't quite that era, but they are innocuous enough that you can put them into just about any of several different eras and have them work. There's only the two of them, and they don't have partners - yet maybe, a gentleman poser would not be out of place - and they sell for $4. US. A little pricey, compared to some artists tubes, but even the outfits and the detail that went in them...

The Countess


I used Baby Cakes Scraps Fairytale for this piece. I love the gold and a mauve together, it makes the piece look so rich. It's a very versatile kit - I've used it several times and haven't even broken out the unicorn and coach posers yet.

Aside for the fantasy elements, the fans and masks make it wonderful kit if you want to do masquarade tags, or just some old fashioned period tags.

I may change my mind by then, but I'm thinking this will be wonderful kit to base a blog layout on come Valentine's Day.

The Raven Queen


Using Kathy Goldstein's Enchanted Forest kit turned this into more of a fantasy piece than I was actually aiming for, but I like the results.

The raven hails from the Witchy Pooh kit by Scrappy Lover, a last bit of Halloween sneaking in to go with the black in the dress and the and in the poser's hair.

Now, for the discussion of versatility, I took the same two young ladies and stuck them into Christmas tags. Tis the season after all right?

Christmas Belle


The scraps are from "A Country Christmas" from Soxsational Scraps. The Ornaments and Christmas Stamps are freebies from Graphics by Sheila.

The Snow Queen


On a more frigid note, the scraps on this one were from a free collab kit called "Baby, It's cold outside" from the designers at Digital Candy. You had to sign up for their forum to get it, but what the heck...It's something new for me to check out and maybe learn something in the process.

Some of the more interesting pieces, including the little bird, came from someone named Chaos Lounge, so I'll have to check out her work.

I think the vast majority of the Digital Scrapbooking Industry, and Digital Graphic Hobbyists, are women, although you will run into a guy - like Sir Scrap-A-Lot once in a very rare while.

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Anonymous said...

Ohh they are hot! I don't think it needs saying which one I like the most, but I am bias.. the dress is gorgeous!