Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Mermaid

Evidently, Danielle really loved her Plushies and has them hanging in her room and won't let anyone touch them. Today I have some little mermaids to cheer her up.

There are all from Perfect Posers, and she has this set marked down to $5.00.

Lil' Princess


I kind of forgot that I had the Ocean Dreams kit. It's from Creationz by Jo and worked PERFECTLY for this piece, just the right touch of reality and whimsy.

I'm going to have to experiment a bit more with it, but I really love the way this tag turned out.

At the Beach


This is another of the kits I picked up at Heavenly Taggerz on sale from Scrappy Lover. It's called Summer Fun and it's amusing, if small. Still...for fifty cents, how could I go wrong?

Mermaids and Manatees

George had come over from Perth, Australia, to watch his son play baseball with the Miracle. During his stay the team took a road trip to Melbourne - the one in Florida - where they took on the Florida Manatees.

We were at Spacecoast Stadium and the mascot, Manny the Manatee showed up, and George is like "WHAT is that?" I said, "it's Manny, their mascot."

"But WHAT is it?"

"It's a Manatee." I thought it was self evident. I mean the team was the called the Manatees after all.

"Yes, but...WHAT is a Manatee?"

Oh, okay. I keep forgetting that not everyone in the world is not familier with the Floria flora and fauna.

If your not, Miss Diamond will be happy to explain them to you today in her Myth Monday post.


You can see the resemblance, right?

I used the Funky Monkey kit from Soxsational Scraps for one. I've had a bit of fun with the kit so far with kitty tags, but that is what I got it for.

The Ocean Blue Alpha is from Designs by K.

On a side note, I was going through one of my drawers when I happened across a Hello Kitty coloring book that I'd bought like what? over a year ago? for my friend's kids. They wouldn't touch it, the boy because's too girly, and her little girl because it's too baby-ish. It's just right for a four year old however so I'm giving it Danielle. She's supposed to do some colorings for Miss Diamond's blog. Expect to see a lot of pink Hello Kitties very soon! LOL!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool that she loved them! I knew she would. I have no idea what the funky looking seal is either,even if the word sounds familiar :)
How could anyone turn down a Hello Kitty book.. goodness! I am like old and I love them! And that i such a extra special idea to have er colour them for you. Children just love purpose :))