Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gimme Back my Bullets!

I was looking for "western phrases" last night to use on some of these tags, and came across a site called Legends of America which lists Wisdom of the Old West.

A couple I really liked that I'll need to do something with in the future:

Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for.

No matter how much horsepower your truck has it still can't cut a calf from the herd.

The second one a couple the local redneck "cowpokes" need to learn.

And one for Tristan:

A cowboy hat looks silly on anyone who isn't a cowboy.

Save a Horse

tabby cat,Cowboy

It took me a while to find a hat that would fit his tabby head without the ears or the back poking out the side. You can still see an ear tip on this one, but it was the best I could do.

I need to re-gif that hat though, I think I could have done a better job.

The background is from a kit called Equestrian by Khamisi that I kind of forgot that I had, while the frame and the horse are from the Wanna Be a Cowboy kit from Brandi's Creations. The western elements are from the Wild Wild West kit by Giggly Girl Scraps.

"Save a horse, ride a tabby cat..." is one of those silly things I sing to him from time to time.

Ridin' Rodeo


Tracy's Designs put out a freebie mini kit called Shana's Cowgirl Up, which is what I used to do this. The photo of course, did not come with it, nor did the Caitlin Cowgirl poser who is from Angelique Field/Angelique's Designs. The leather stap under the alpha and the Sheriff's badge are from the Wanna be a cowboy kit from Brandi's Creations and the Puffy Alpha is from Misschifis Designs.

The nice thing about that little kit was it reminded me that I had the Equestrian kit, as well as another kit by Kyra called "In the Saddle" that I can get elements and papers from.

Wild Wild West


The above referenced scrap kit from Giggly Girl by the same name was the source of the scraps I used in this tag. Cowboy Cody is from Angelique's Designs. The Tattered Alpha is from Kitty Cat Designs.

This where I got stuck for phrases and went looking. Instead of something to write, I ended up with the photo piece I used instead.

Born a Cowgirl


This actually was from one of the Wisdom of the Old West phrases, although it was actually "A man is not born a cowboy - he becomes one."

Same sentiment though.

The Western Poser is from Untamed Angel. The Scraps are from Yarrow's Denim and Daisies kit, except for the horse shoes. That element, as is the Alpha, is part of the Equestrian kit from Khamisi.

Of course, looking at the way this poser is dressed, she'd have blisters on her behind in a few minutes in the saddle if she tried to ride like that.

Here's another good saying for a tag though: "My jeans and my man -- broke in just right!"

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