Monday, November 17, 2008

The Mermaid Bride

When I got home Friday night, Prefect Poser has released several more kits including two dealing with Mermaids. One also picked up on the wedding or winter wedding theme which seems to be going around as well.

Of course, one of my initial responses was Mermaids don't have wings. This was evidently a misconception on my part as the coat of arms of the City of Warsaw, Poland, features a winged Mermaid. Who'd have guessed?

So....I guess you learn something new all the time.

White Wedding


Just to restate, all Mermaid Bride posers are (c) 2008 by Perfect Posers. I used the Opposites Attract Scrapkit by Yarrow for this piece. The "Twilight" word art comes from Ginger's House.

I originally got into "Digital Scrapbooking" which uses larger sized kits which can be printed to 12 x 12 inch pages. I eventually discovered the "Tagger" hobby side of things. Most taggers kits will print fine for 5x7 purposes, some even work well for 8 x 10, more or less. Given a choice, I'd rather take a taggers kit as they are smaller and easier to download and work with.

However, if I'm planning on doing either true Digital Scrapbooking with a kit, or using it for 8 x 10's, I'll buy the full sized version. This was the case with Opposites Attract and I always have to be careful with the full size versions as they give my computer Alzheimer's.

Opposites Attract has a light side and a dark side. This piece used the light side of the force.



This piece, used the dark side of the force. At this point I decided I like the Mermaid better against a darker background.

Midnight Bride


So I turned to Scrappy Redhead's Midnight Acquaintance 2 for this particular layout. The kit sort of comes in two parts with most of the elements in Part I and the frames in Part II. I've since picked up Part I, so I'm a bit happier overall, but at the moment, I only had Part II so that's what I used.

To Touch Heaven


And when I bought Part I, I also purchased Redhead's A Little Bit of Heaven Taggers Kit which provided the scraps for this layout.

There are seven different Mermaids in the pack, so I've got three more to go. Actually...two more. I've done more tag but failed to upload it.

Related, and extremely similar is Perfect Poser's Mermaid Fae. which is exactly the same poser as the Mermaid Bride, just in different colors.

Satin Rose


In this layout I used the Satin Grunge kit from Tizzy's Angel, which I absolutely love. Again, for the sake of clarity, the Mermaid Fae is (c) 2008 Perfect Posers.

Aqua Violet


The scraps on this one were provided by the Aqua Velva FTU kit from Toni's Scraparoni.

So...enough Mermaids for the moment I think. I'm so soggy from being underwater I'm wrinkled. LOL!

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