Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter, again

As it transpired, I'd done more for this week's T-13 than I'd thought, so I got done a lot faster, and have woofies and kitties left over that I'll have to roll to next week as we get into winter.

On a side note, I think I'm burned on winter kits as Heavenly Taggerz had a $1.00 sale and I couldn't find a single thing I wanted. Some tags that I put together this weekend:

Holly Day Elf


The elf poser is a freebie from Lacy Clagg. She has some PTU ones along the same lines, in red and blue. There are only two green ones available in the freebie package.

The scraps are from Cinnamon Scraps' Magic of Christmas taggers kit, and the word art is a freebie from Jaelop Designs.

I should note that Cinnamon has $1.00 on this, and a number of her Christmas kits on a full time basis, which is kind of nice to see. Not that, even at $3.00, the kits are that highly priced.

Snowmen Melt my Heart


Another good source for free posers is Ultimate Fantasy Designs, which is where out little Eskimo hails from.

The scrap kit is Snow Kids from Krissy's Scraps. I really like the kit and have been contemplating using it on one of the winter blogs, but Soxsational sort of got to it first and I don't think my layout would be anywhere as nice.

I'm probably going to go with the Tranquil Xmas kit for Tristan's blog - that's the one I did his Trismas Card with, and I'm leaning towards Chaos' Priestess' "Winter Elegance" for Digicats. (Hold tight, there's a tag upcoming.) I don't know where I'm going with Diamond's blog yet.

The Flaky Alpha is from Lady Grundlefunk, and she may as well have designed it with this kit in mind, it fits so perfectly.

Owl Be Home


I love Designs by Helly, but you already knew that. This is her new "Owl be home for Christmas" taggers kit and while she mentions that it's untraditional, she also adds that she's never been much of a traditionalist.

The Cheeky Elf poser if from Perfect Poser and the doodle elements are from Scrappy Lover. The word art is from Word Art Fun.

Winter's Chill


"Winter Chill" by Baby Cakes Scraps is another kit I'd like to do a blog layout from. The poser in this piece was from Ultimate Fantasy Design. The word art is from Jaelop Designs.

I might go with this one for Diamond's blog or...I might use it myself in January. After all, it's still winter in the states in January.

I was kind of arguing with myself over the use of snow as the underlying theme for the holiday season, after all, it doesn't snow in all parts of the world. But most of the traditions came over from Europe and England and it DOES snow there, so...



Scrappy Redhead released two kits, "Snow Days" and "Snow Nights" and I've decided she meant them to be married and used as one kit. "Snow Days" has very little in terms of snow. It is however, very heavy on ice - of the diamond variety as there is a bunch of charms and jewels in the set.

So, I just sort of went with that theme. Perhaps she was daydreaming of pressies when she put it together? The Poser is from Outlaw by Design, and the snowflakes are from the Maltese Scrapper. The Diamond Alpha is by Jobeth (JWScraps).

All that Glitters


This is the "Snow Nights" taggers kit which dos have the snowy elements in it. The snow man angel is included in both sets but not used in these tags.

I love the little snow scene charms in this one, and the streetlight is a nice touch. You don't see that too often.

The poser is from Outlaw by Designs and the word art is from Word Art Fun.

I was also thinking what great conquerors the Romans were while putting these tags together. You see nearly a hint of Hanukkah out there, as the Christmas theme just about overwhelms everything else. Much like the expansion Roman Catholic Church that moved in and over whelemed local religion after local religion, replacing it with their own dogma.

I love the "Jesus is the reason" slogan the bible thumpers trot out. Think about it. It's more the season is the reason for Jesus as the Catholic church and to come up something to combat Solstice and Hanuakkah as they went forth to conquer religion in the same manner they conquered just about everything else.

Elegent Winter


Chaos, as near as I can tell, is pagan, so I don't have to worry about Santa and Elves, let alone the nativity, in her kits. When she says winter, she means winter.

"Winter Elegance" is just a gorgeous kit, with the frosted roses and the berries. And the silver snow flakes, of course.

The poser was a freebie from Ultimate Fantasy Design. The word art is courtesy of Jaelop Designs.

I really think I could make a nice blog layout from this kit, especially with the two column designs I'm using on Digicats. I don't have to worry about people needing to read over the flora.

Please note that being burned out on winter kits doesn't mean I won't download the odd freebie here and there. Treasured Scraps just ran the winter's Kiss blog train, which I love the color scheme on, and there are several more planned, so....

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