Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Talkin' Turkey (Part I)

I'm not sure WHEN the idea for Talkin' Turkey hit me, but it was in October while we were still doing Halloween tags and I wanted to do something different. This just seemed like fun and yes, it was probably inspired - at least subconsiously - by "I can has Cheezburger", but was never intended to be a rip off of the LOL cats.

Or maybe it was just left over from the "Knock Knock" festival earlier in the year. In any case...

Mosaic Annie

House Panther,Domestic Cat,Talking Turkey

I used the "Cozy Autumn" kit from Candy's Treats for this one. "Turkey Lurkey" was part of a FTU set of like six or seven in various color combinations from Sakbs Scraps. I gather he's one of the presets on the Poser software, since he's been seen all over the place. The Autumn Alpha is Cindy Lea. All of the word bubbles came built in with the Photosuite software.

I've tried composing with PSPX1, and I'm getting there, but half the time I end up ripping my hair out and going back to Photosuite. I'll figure it all out though, eventually. PSPX1 does offer a lot of really nice features that Photosuite doesn't so...


House Panther,Domestic Cat,Long Haired Cat,Talking Turkey

Bear was kind of a last minute inclusion, but I really like this tag. I think it's the best of the bunch.

The scraps are from the Let's Give Thanks taggers kit by Scrappy Lover. I took the little wheat clip that comes with the kit and copied it around the photo to make the frame.

The little "Mag Pie" graphic was a freebie from Scrappiles of Digi Style. I used two different alphas in this. The one in the bubble is the Old Books Alpha by Humble Scraps, while the Precious Gold Alpha that I used on the name is from Janyelle Mayara.

This is the first time I saw the "bar code" word art, but now I have a couple of sets of them. It seems to be the next big thing...


Domestic Cat,Talking Turkey

How do you handle blog trains and collab kits? In the past, I've set up directories based on designers but then I'm searching all over for a flower or a leaf. I decided to do something different this time. All the files still have the designers name in them --

for example "SL-Leaf 1" would signify it was a leaf by Scrappy Lover. However, I then created directories for things. Papers, leaves, flowers, buttons, brads, etc. There is one directory that is just "elements" for the one of a kit items, but least this way, when I want a flower, I can just go to the flower directory.

It's not a perfect system, and it took a while to set up. And in some case, I don't want to cut up a contribution to a train, especially if it's from one of my favorite designers. (The "Shmily" blog train is a good example, as I want to leave Helly's part together as a mini-kit.

For the "Gobble Gobble" collab though, this system worked out pretty good. If anyone has a better idea, I'd love hear it.

"Gobble Gobble" combined the talents of the fine ladies from Heavenly Taggerz. The Everescents Alpha was from Sweet Digi Scraps. The butterfly was from Cupcake Sprinkles by Caitlin.


Domestic Cat,Talking Turkey

More scraps from the "Gobble Gobble" collab. I was puttering around today at some of the online boutiques, but remembered that virtually everyone out there was going to have a "Black Friday" sale, so I'll just bide my time. I'm still looking at posers though, more than scraps, and I do know that the Lacy Clagg Tube Store starts a Black Friday sale tomorrow (which is Wednesday).

One of the designers I did want scraps from was Candy's Treats, but she's pulled virtually all (except for five) of her kits off of Taggers Scraps, so that's no help.

The Fall Alpha is by Karla Morano.


Dog,Pug,Talking Turkey

Eduardo is a Puggle - a cross between a pug and a beagle - and he's just totally adorable.

Yet more scraps from the "Gobble Gobble" collab. The Tattered Alpha is from KittyCat Designs.

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