Monday, November 10, 2008

Green Christmas

Much like their Northern Hemisphere counterparts, the Aussie designers keep cranking out Christmas kits which feature snow and ice. Of course, Aus - much like Florida - celebrates a green Christmas.

So....I figured I'd do a green Christmas design. Lacking a sleigh drawn by 8 tiny alligators, I went the beach route...


I used Soxsational Scraps "Surf's Up" freebie, as well as her PTU Jungle Fever and A Country Christmas to come up with this little beauty.

The Christmas Kitten poser is (c) 2008 by Perfect Posers, another Aus designer. The Christmas Ornaments were from Debz Designs and I picked up the word are on Digi-free, but I didn't note who from. That's the problem with downloading .pngs, you don't know who to credit things to unless you make a note of it.

Fun IS Good

Having finished this one, I kind of got a giggle out of the Miracle Fan mail announcing a Christmas Card design contest for kids in K through 5. Well, at least that keeps in family oriented?

But I thought I'd send Justin a little something he'd enjoy...

Christmas,Naughty & Nice,Poser

Same credits as above, except for the Candy Cane Alpha, which is from Free Digital Scrapbooking, and the Ornaments, which are from Toni's Scraparoni.

Justin's response?

"Nice I like it."

The amusing thing about the Alpha was it didn't come with an exclamation point. However, it DID come with a small letter "i". which flipped over made a perfectly good exclamation point!

Snowflake Nightmare

This is somewhat unrelated to the above, but...

I don't like clowns. I find them scary and evidently, I'm not alone. It has something to do with them being a caricature of humanity. Even kids, which the clowns were aimed at in the first place, often tend to fear and dislike them.


Prefect Posers put out these so called "Snowflake" posers for Christmas, but...they're really like of weird.

I purchased them more so I could make nightmare, rather than Christmas pieces. The layout uses the Tortured Dreams kit by Tammy's Scraps.

You may like clowns so your mileage may vary, but for me, this sort of dream imagery would be a nightmare.

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