Friday, November 7, 2008

A little on the Dark Side

Black Magic Woman

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Krissy from Krissy's Scraps had put out this Moonkist Freebie a while ago. She's the one who does those excellent little dolls. I'd done a layout for Miss Diamond when I first got the kit and then kind of forgot I had it.

Modern day witchcraft isn't evil, and certainly this kit is not intended to be, but I used the colors more or less to that effect.

The Goth Fae poser is from Angelique Field/Angelique's Designs. I like this one a bit better than her Dark Fae poser, and probably need to do a bit more with the tubes.

Dark Angel

Angels & Devils,Poser,Gothic,Doll

I went shopping at Poisoned Princess last night and picked up Angie's Goth Word Art sets (there are four). I probably have a lot of the word art in one kit or another but having it all in one place saves me from trying to figure out what kit it's in.

The "Dark Angel" word art is part of Chaos Priestess' Night of the Dead, but CP'd made a sticker out of it, and that wasn't working for me. So...

The Hayden poser is (c) 2008 by Untamed Angel, and the doll is from the above referenced Krissy's Scraps (The Spook-tacular Set). The rest of the kit uses the Nocturnal Scrapkit by Scrappy Redhead. I giffed the spider off the journal background.

Both Redhead and Creations by Jo are having sales on their kits now through the end of December. I'm quite happy as there's a lot by both I'd like to pick up.

Nocturnal is not at Digital Chaos, BTW, you'll have to go to Scrap Happiness for it.


Poser,Angels & Devils,Gothic

Another - or the same Hayden poser, just in different dress - is the main part of the this tag which uses Redhead's From Dusk Till Dawn kit. The word art is from Angie's Asylum, as above. (On a side note, Angie had her Halloween template pack marked down to a quarter, so I got that too. Although just about every designer in the world has that set and has used it.)

Shaylee's Autumn Evening

Poser,Fairies,Angels & Devils,Autumn

I was kind of a on a roll with Redhead's kits. This uses the Autumn Nights collection, which is also the set I used to design my blog layout this month.

Shaylee is (c) 2008 by Angelique Field and she's kind of an interesting character. I'm not sure any of these qualify as Devil pieces, although I tagged them as such, but Shaylee probably comes the closest with the bat wings. She's kind of a cross between a Fae and a Demon.

I don't think she's bad, but I don't think she's quite as harmless as most of the Fae spirits are either. Anyway...I like both the poser and the kit a lot, and thought this tag turned out pretty darn good.

Shaylee Betrayed

Poser,Fairies,Angels & Devils,Gothic,Doll

Still with the Shaylee figure and in this case there's a bit more of a confict with herself. She wants to be carefree, but she's got these wicked urgings...

This uses the Toxic kit by Soxsational Scraps. Aside from the two I already have, there several more kits out there in the same vein (Tammy's Scraps Tortured Dreams for example), and I have to wonder if I really NEED all of them. I generally WANT all of the, but it does become somewhat repetitious.

The little doll is from Krissy's Scraps, from the Spook-tacular set.

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