Friday, November 14, 2008


My friend Rowena has a special little four year old girl named Danielle. She's been through two open heart surgeries and will eventually have to go through a couple of more as she grows up.

Of late she's been rather on the ill side and was hospitalized with something or other that I can pronounce. Endio-something or other. So I thought I'd put some plushie tags together for her to print and hang in her room.



This is the odd one in the bunch as it uses the Quilted Bedtime Freebie from Brandi's Creations along with her plushies. It's a really cute set, and of course, you can snag it for free on her website. It comes with several plushies besides the ones I used in this piece.

Brandi also has a Stuffed Animal Pack One and Two for free on her site if you're looking for more plushies.

Purple Panda


This little plushie is from Calypso Designs, one of a pack of six.

I used the Sunfidulgence kit from Scraps by Jessica for the scraps, it's a fun little fairy themed kits with lots and lot of elements and is sure to delight young and old.

Bright Bear


Bright Bear is also from the Calypso Designs kit. Both the bears came with butterfly wings, I didn't add them.

The scraps are from the FTU and apply named kit called Brights, which is available on Kittz Kreations blog.

I wasn't going to download it until this idea popped up to do something for Danielle, but I'm sure I can find a few more uses for it in kitty cat tags.



Brock, a former first baseman of ours had an adventure in Tennessee involving a skunk and he's had a hard time living it down. Anyway he came up to me prior to a game one day and said "Have you ever been to Animal Kingdom?" All I could think of at that point as he meant the Naples Zoo but I hazarded a guess of "The one in Orlando?"

Which is called Animal Safari not Animal Kingdom.

"NO, no, the one on 41."

I REALLY had to think about this and then it dawned on me. "PET Kingdom? Do you mean PET Kingdom?"


"I shop at Pet Supermarket usually..."

"Well, they have pet skunks."

De-skunked of course.

I had kind of wanted a skunk at one point, until I'd read about them and found out they can be rather destructive, and I really wouldn't want to keep it confined all the time. I hear they make very sweet pets though.

"Oh Brockie, I'd get one and name after you but I'm afraid my dear, sweet and fierce Diamond would eat it!"

So, no skunks.

This little stinker is posing among scraps provided by the Enchanted taggers kit from Cinnamon Scraps. I just love this one, because of all the realistic bits in it.

And isn't the little owl just adorable?

Well, hopefully, little Danielle will enjoy these. I did some Mermaids for her too, which I'll cover in the next post.

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Anonymous said...

They are just adorable, I am sure she will LOVE them, how sweet of you!
I especially love the thing about magic.. so subtle yet such an impact :))