Friday, November 21, 2008

More Odds & Ends

Harvest Happiness


You know...I can see why everyone gets addicted to PSP so quickly. I'm know newer versions of Photoshop offer increased productivity, but it's still not as easy as PSP. However, I know how to do things in Photoshop and I don't know how to do them in PSP, so I keep jumping back and forth between programs.

This tag uses the Autumn Splendor kit from Butterfly Hollow Designs which was one of the scrapkits I picked up at AhhhScraps Dollar Day sale. The Scarecrow posers are from the freebie stash over at Outlaw by Designs. The word art is from Cupcakes Sprinkles by Caitlin. I ended up redoing it a couple of times until I was happy with the coloring, but I'm sort of glad I did that.

It turned out really nice. If anyone cares to grab this piece to jazz up their sidebar with, feel free.

Kitty's Kristmas

Winter,Christmas,Kitty Cats

There was an old woman who scrapped in a shoe, she had so many Christmas kits, she didn't know what to do...

Bluedream Designs put out the Blue Snow kit in two sizes to try to gauge how much of a demand there was for a full sized kit. I used it to put together a "Kitty" Christmas piece.

The Christmas Kitten is (c) 2008 by Perfect Posers, the plush kitty and the ornamental kitties are from Designs my Sue. In both cases, they sell out of

The Alpha is still a mystery. I guess we'll have to settle for green and red and that we're not getting a gold or white version.

The Magic of Christmas


I'm a Helly Stalker, oh yes I am. Peace on Earth was one of the AhhhScrap kits from Dollar Days. (Does happy little Helly Stalker dance.) Isn't the paper just gorgeous???

The Ornaments are from Scrappy Sheila, the Winter Bride is by Outlaw by Design from her freebie section. The earth was something I tubed in PSP. I could have done it better, but I was my first time trying that in PSP. It was fun, sort of. The silver wires I swiped from Candy's Treats O Christmas Tree kit.

The Word Art is from Word Art Fun.

I did a few more pieces, but I was mostly playing around and didn't get things accomplished or loaded, so...


House Panther,Domestic Cat,Grr,Winter,Christmas

I did this tag for next Thursday's edition of House Panthers. The Santa Hat is from the Maltese Scrapper and the Ice Crystal alpha is from Sentimental Style.

The scraps are from Krissy's Snow Kids kit. Within 12 hours of it's release, someone had put up an illegal freeshare link for it. I mean, come on already. These ladies work hard on these kits, and it's not like they are charging an arm and a leg for them. Anyone who needs to steal a $3.00 tag kit is simply pathetic.

You can read what Krissy has to say Here. These are probably the same people that would steal from a church collection plate, so that tells you something.

In any case, I did not steal my copy. I bought it....on sale for a $1.50.

Up next...Grristmas carols...

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