Friday, November 7, 2008

A Pirates Life for Me

After a break with using the ploppers, it's time to get back to work on the new T-13 series for Thursday, which will be called Autumn Friends. I came up with an idea, which I think is fun and which will also make me want to do the layouts, as opposed to just slogging through them.

In the meantime...I bought Soxsational's Pirates Life scrapkit. All three layouts in this post used that kit. It has some felt pirates in it, but I like it more for all the little stickers that come with it.

Mr. Tristan

Pirate,Sir Tristan,Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat

First and foremost, my bilge rat tabby cat, who's taken to hiding under the sink again. I'm putting latches on the doors so he can't get under there. He's also acting like he's afraid of me, probably because I've squirted him with water so much.

I think we need to spend a little bit of quality time together this weekend. It will give me a chance to play with my new digital camera as well.

The old one died, this was on sale for $79.99 and it also does video. It's less megapixels, 7 vs. the 8 that the old one had, but has all kinds of nice features like being able to set your own ISO and shutter speeds, plus B&W and Sepia settings. It also has automatic correction for face flash, so maybe he won't get those flashed out looks I get all the time with him.

Not to mention red eye reduction, so no more laser eyes - or at least, so it says.

Dead Men Tell No Tales


Argus and Annie are from Brandi's Creations. Strangely enough, her kit is also called "A Pirates Life for Me", and it comes with a ship and nice little 3d oceanscape as well.

I only wanted to use the posers, though. Here, Argus is protecting the treasure he and Annie have uncovered. Yes, even Pirates have to beware of other Pirates.

Captain Jack Lion

Pirate,Paci's Tubes

It seems like everyone is naming their pirates Capt. Jack these days! Paci has put together a set which includes 7 Pirate Lions, Parrots, 2 Galleons, 1 Pirate ship and various other elements.

I'm not sure what to make of Paci's tubes though, as they're not posers in the sense that they were made in Daz-3D or the Poser program, but I don't think they're clip art bits either.

Anyway, I suppose if Capt. Jack Lion gets hungery, he can always eat his intrepid parrots.

You can find the kit HERE. There is also a really good tutorial available, if you read Spanish. Check it out anyway as both tags are nice looking.

There's another kit I want to get as well, Pretty Dirty Pirate by Kristy's Scraps. I definatly need to stay away from the Holiday Cheer for a little bit, or I'll burn myself out too early. Pirates are a good subject and I've got more material on disk I can tap as well.

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