Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holly Day Cheer

I'm in the Walgreens and they've got Christmas Carols playing (what else) and we hit the lines...

"A child, a child, shivers in the cold,
let us bring him silver and gold."

Um...wouldn't a blanket be a better gift? I mean, all the silver and gold in the world it's going to do the kid much good he dies of hypothermia.

I know, I know...

In any case...

Batty Little Christmas


I love Batilda from Lacy Clagg and decided that Halloween imp or not, she'd really enjoy some holiday fun.

The scraps came from a couple of kits from Shari's EZ Scraps which, given the amount of Christmas scraps I'm amassing, I'm likely to delete. I've still got them on CD,if I want to use them, but I've just got SOOO much right now.

The wreath, which is the centerpiece of the tag, is from Frosted Illusions and can be downloaded for free at Aussie Scraps. The "Love Santa" hat is from Kimb's Designs (both of those are keepers).

Candy Cane


The Tube is (c) by Alan Stevens and is courtesy of Patty Maeva at Graphisme. She has quite a number of high quality tubes from various artists and it worth checking out.

The scraps are from Blinged out Christmas from Creations by Jo. I bought two Christmas kits from CBJ, but ended up with Blinged Out Christmas on the system twice. Now I need to go back and see what I did. ::sigh::

Little Treasures


Urban Mermaid continues to put out some of the nicer and more original kits out there and Krafty Christmas is no exception. It was also on sale, as Sweet N Sassy started their Black Friday sale early.

The elf is from Angelique Field/Digital Embellishments, who is now selling out of Cool Scraps. When she left LCTS she sent all her customers a free limited edition tube set, which I thought was really quite nice of her. The Elf Set is commercial use BTW, and is very reasonably priced at $3.00.

The Old Book Alpha as a freebie from Humble Scraps. It works quite well with this kit.

Santa's Helper


That's me! Or it was when my Grandfather was still alive.

The Blue Elf and the Pretty Pony are both from Lacy Clagg and which are both on sale, now through Saturday. The Scraps are from the Dear Santa kit from Designs by Helly which was on Sale (yesterday) at Ahhh Scrap. She's got a sale going on at Ahhh Scrap (60% off) through Saturday. I would mention the sale at Taggers Scraps, but today, again, they are not shipping to my region.

That brings us to...

Christmas in the Twin Cities


The tube is (c) by Alan Stevens and is again courtesy of Graphisme. The scraps are from Candy's Treats "O Christmas Tree" taggers kit, dating back from a happier, non-sale day when Taggers Scraps was shipping to my region.

Have I mentioned I really hate Taggers Scraps? I really like Diane's kits, I just wish she'd align herself with a real online store somewhere.

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