Monday, November 17, 2008

Saffron Daze

I keep telling myself I'm not buying ANY MORE posers from Perfect Posers, but then I find a reason to purchase more. ::sigh::

All these tags involve her Saffron fairy, who is definatly not dressed for winter weather!

Green & Gold


I decided to take advantage of the sale that Scrappy Redhead is having and pick up SOME of the kits she's released of late that I wanted. "Forces of Nature" was one of them. All the lush greens!

The Fireflies are from her limited edition "Dancing in the Dark" freebie. I needed something in the the middle of the piece and didn't really have anything else that fit.

Saffron Nights


I love Redhead's "Autumn Nights" kit so I couldn't resist using it, despite it not being one of my "new" ones. I also added leaves from Queen Brat's "Autumn Leaves Pack I".

One of the reason's I keep saying I'm not buying anything else from Perfect is that found out where Redhead an the rest of these designers are getting the posers they include in their kits. Like this black cat which isn't as weird looking as the one's Charly did.

They are from a Commercial Use freebie cache by from Outlaw by Design. Click on the free PSP Tubes banner to go to the cache. I need to spend some time downloading...these tubes are just beautiful in many cases.

This is, for example, the source of the beautiful Ice Princess in Baby Cakes Scraps' Ice Princess kit.

Saffron Summer


Monday's are dollar days at Taggers Scraps but when I checked the story, while they had the kits from Candy's Treats that I wanted listed under the dollar days sales catagory, they still have them at full price.

However, Designs by Helly was joined Taggers Scraps and quite a few of her kits were marked down to a buck, including the relatively recently released "Down Came the Rains". This is from her Summer Daze taggers kit, which has a very beachy feel to it.

I figured I can use this for quite a few tags, but then, I like Helly's designs and tend to use them quite a bit.

Forest Friend

Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Fairies,Fantasy,Sir Tristan,Poser

Heavenly Taggerz is also having a sale, when when I went back to get the template for the Santa Hat to do Tristan's Trismas card with, I picked up three of Scrappy Lover's other kits for a buck or under. This is from the "In the Forest" kit which I think will be useful for kitty cat tags. I used Tristan to try it out!

Aside from the cute little froggie, it also comes with an adorable little kitty cat.

Heavenly is quickly replacing Taggers are a prefered scrap boutique. I just wish they had a blinkie!

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Anonymous said...

I feel a bit stupid here, I just played around with tubes a few weeks ago and one of the first places that I found and is bookmarked is Outlaw by Design. There free tubes are amazing but also are the CD's that you can by, and she has thousands.
I probably should have said something but I assumed that you would know about her with all the wonderful work you do... you know what they say assumption...
I am glad that you know about it now anyway :))