Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Holiday Cheer

Jingle Dance


This Cheeky little Elf Poser, which is (c) 2008 by Perfect Posers, is having a bit of a dance in Santa's Workshop. I gather that making toys is supposed to be fun for the little fellows.

The scraps are from the FTU "Santa's Workshop" taggerskit by Kittz Kreationz.

Snowballs for Sale


Christmas Cheer is a new kit from Kittz Kreationz and it's just as fun as the last several have been. I love the littl snowglobe lightbulbs!

The Elf poser is (c) 2008 by Perfect Posers, as above and is available at

Winter Wishes


If you don't want to pay for little Elf posers, Brandi's Creations has released their Jingle kit, and there are seven "Jingles" in the kit, plus the pressies and the red plushie bear. It does come with scraps, but in this case, I went with the Cocoa Chalet kit by Kel's Kreations.

I love Brandi's work with Dazz, but her accompanying scraps sometimes leave a bit to be desired. Still, I'm not complaining about a freebie kit and I've gotten some very good things from her.

She has a freebie Thanksgiving plopper today. Check out the little turkeys - they are just too cute!

She's also give us a bunch of snow people in a separate give away, so be sure to snag that one as well if you're looking for freebie holiday posers.

Flirty Snowflake

Teddy Bears,Winter,Christmas,Clip Art Creations

Loli Diseny's little bears are freebies as well. In fact, this whole piece was completed with freebies. The scraps are from the Flirday Snowflake kit by Word Art Fun - as is the word art. The two tone ornaments that the blue bear is hanging on the tree are from Scrappiles of Digi Style.

Check out Scrappiles new layout and store! It looks fabulous!

On a side note, Taggers Scraps was down most of yesterday and when they did come back up, it was impossible to snag freebies was "they weren't shipping to my location". This is the second week in a row it's done that, and it doesn't matter if I have PTU items in my cart as well, they're still not shipping to my location.

That being the case, they lost a sale and I went over to the new Cotton Candy Kreations (formerly Berry Bliss Scrapz) to get the items I wanted. They're not quite set up for business yet, so when I paid my money, there was no download. I had to wait until I got the receipt from CCK (not paypal) then log in to the detailed invoice to download my items.

A bit of a pain and it caused me bit of worry - like "how am I going to get my order?" - until I finally got the invoice from CCK.

If you're having a grand opening, maybe you should check to make sure things are working first? However, you can snag Soxsational's "Surf's Up" for free as well as selected other items. Get it while the gettin's good!

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