Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still Soggy

Taggers Scraps ticked me off again last night. Cinnamon Scrap had her stuff on sale. It wasn't showing up in the "Dollar Day" catagory, but you could find it under shop by designer. However, when I went to check out I got this message:

"We are not shipping to your region at this time."

I've had this happen before, I've written to them about it and I've never gotten a response. So they lost a sale.

For the second time.

There's a very good chance they've lost me as a customer as well.

In any case, I went over to Farrah's store, as LK Designs had put out a new "Fabulous Fae" set that I wanted and Cinnamon sells there too. I didn't buy the same kits that I had in my cart at Taggers, but she had a whole bunch more at DSLL that's I'd never seen before including one called "At the Sea".

It's a beautiful little kit with just some adorable little fish stickers, so I Put together this tag for Danielle:


Rowena says she's going to print it and hang it in her room tonight. She'll love it!

The Little Mermaid is (c) 2008 by Perfect Poser. The Little Mermaid set is on sale at Aussie Scraps who is having a $2.00 sale this week. I need to remember to go and get the Fluffy clipart Cats that I keep forgetting about.

Also Gail from Aussie Scraps has a freebie ballerina bear that I'm going to use to do another tag for Danielle when I get home tonight.

The Mermaid's Dream


This is the other Mermaid Bride tag that I did that I forgot to upload. Rowena made the comment that she looks like Gwyneth Paltrow to which I said..."Yeah, she does, now that you mention it."

The scraps are from the Dream taggers kit by Krissy's Scraps which was on sale at DSLL. I couldn't get it to open, so I contacted the store. Instead of ignoring me, like Taggers, they had Krissy get in touch with me and she e-mailed me a different archive of the kit, which opened just fine.

My only problem with leaving Taggers for good is that they've got a couple of designers, most notably Candy's Treats, who only sell at that store and I like their work. Granted I can buy the kits off Diane's blog, but...

I hate buying things off blogs.

I'm going to show you the Fabulous Fae in another post.

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Anonymous said...

The little mermaid you did for Danielle is super cute! I do not normally like those kind of cartoons.. the proportions make me a little freaky insides, but you put it together well :))