Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet Little Things

I got up this morning and pronounced it too cold to do fairy tags. The poor little things would freeze. In Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series, the fairies and the pixies either hibernate in the winter, or head down to Mexico where it's warm.

This leads for some complications, as Morgan's partner is a pixie...

Sweet Little Pirate


This little thing is not really dressed for the weather either. And believe me, Caribbean or not, it gets chilly on those ships when you're under full sail.

The Pirate lass and the parrot are both from Lacy Clagg. The Pirate Lass was a paid for tube, the Parrot is a freebie tube. The scraps are from Kirsty's Scraps from the Shiver Your Timbers taggers kit, which is the feminine side of her Pretty Dirty Pirate kit.

Sweet Little Goth


The little goth poser is actually supposed to be an adorable little vampire. However, she works for this tag. She and her sister, in the next tag, are from Outlaw by Design, from the free download area.

The Scraps are from Yarrow's Gothique Violet kit. The Silver Twilight alpha is from Amber Gray Designs. I actually have two Twilight Alphas, but they are both pretty much the same.

Sweet Goth Sister


As in the piece above, our little Goth Vampiress is from Outlaw by Design. The Scraps are still from Yarrow, this time from her Gothique Rouge kit and the Silver Twilight Alpha is still from Amber Gray Designs.

Sweet Little Fae


Once the house warmed up...I decide it was warm enough for this little Fae. She is also from Outlaw by Designs although just about everyone has a similar Fae poser as she I gather she's fairly standard for the software. Outlaw's seems a little softer though.

The scraps are from Tizzy's Angel from the Floral Forest Fantasy kit. The Gold Swirl Alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking...I have all these alphas and I couldn't find one I really liked for the tag.

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Anonymous said...

LOL it was mega cold here yesterday too! Even snowed in the west and it is the middle of Spring... crazy!
Those little Goth girls are just THE cuteness things?! :)