Friday, November 14, 2008

Sir Tristan

I came up with this "Have a holly, jolly Tris-Mas", which I kept singing to Tris last night. Um...he doesn't appreciate my vocal abilities, I'm sorry to say. But then, neither does Miss Diamond.


Mr. Tristan

Domestic Cat,Pirate,Sir Tristan,Tabby Cat

I had taken this picture while he was finishing up dinner, and it's just a funny expression as he was trying to get the food bits off. In the end I decided it was bad Tuna Grog. I think I'm going to reserve Friday's as "Fishy Fridays" as I post "Mr. Tristan's" adventures as a Pirate cat aboard the Diamond Cutter.

Most of the scraps are from the Pretty Dirty Pirate kit by Kristy's Scraps. The hat however, was from Soxsational Scraps "Pirates Life" kit because all the Pretty Dirty Pirate kit had was captain's hats, and Tris is, rather unfortunately, not a captain. The Black Epoxy Alpha used for the grog shop sign was from Free Drigital Scrapbooking, part of their Halloween collection.

Tristan in the Greenwood

Fairies,Fantasy,Sir Tristan,Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat

I used the Urban Mermaid's Fairy Dreams in the Woods Scrapkit for this tag. The Green Fly Poser is from Perfect Posers, and the Precious Gold Alpha is from Janyelle Mayara.

The fairy wings on Tris are from Ditter's Free Doodles. I've had a lot of fun with those.

The King

Rock,Sir Tristan,Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat

I had anthropomorphizing the cats in part because the heads always look wrong when you put them on a human body. They have no necks. I tried fixing that but I've not found a workable solution yet.

Anyway, Rolling Stone Magazine decided in a recent poll that Aretha Franklin, not Elvis, was the King of Rock and Roll and much as we appreciate Ms. Franklin's body of work, this just grated on poor Tris' rock and roll sensibilities as he idolizes "The King".

I used Helly's Hard Rock Mama for the Scraps, althought the cardboard heart was from one of her element packs. The guitar is from Yarrow's Rock Devil kit, and the gold foil alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Goretty Rocha tubed the Elvis Collection kit and offered it as a freebie on her blog.

Dragon(fly) Slayer

Tabby Cat,Sir Tristan,Domestic Cat,Fantasy

Tris caught a dragon fly, brought it home and meowed very loudly on the veranda about the deadly prey he'd brought back.

So I commemorated the moment for his blog with this little fantasy piece. The scraps are from the Enchanted Taggers Kit by Cinnamon Scraps, except for the Dragonfly which is from Danielle Engbretson's Dog Day Afternoon kit. I know, virtually every designer out there has a beaded dragonfly in one kit or another, but that was the first one I thought of.

The wings are from Ditters Free Doodles, but like the ones in the Greenwood tag.

The Paper Pieced Dragon in the background is from Nicole Norcutt and was a element freebie I had saved on my system.

I think that catches me up on Tristan's tags, at least for the moment.

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