Friday, November 28, 2008

Plushy Power

Wild Thing


The plushy is from Calypso Designs. They claim it's "Plushy Pack 2" but I've only seen this one from them thus far. DMK Designs' FTU Wild Thing kit provided the scraps for this one. The Zebra Alpha is by Tammy Jean Creations, who has a beautiful tabby cat she cares for.

Waiting for Santa


I was trying to recolor the shirt to red, but ended up making it more orangey, I think. Still, it occurs to me that I could recolor the plushies, which would make re-using them more interesting. Again, this is from Calypso Design's "Plushy Pack 2".

The scraps are from the "Waiting for Santa" Taggers kit from Cinnamon Scraps.

Just Peachy


Perfect Posers calls them Cuddlies, not Plushies, but a horse by a different name is still a horse.

The scraps are from Kittz Kreationz' Pastel Days Taggers Kit. The house is a FTU add on to that kit, which you can find at Kittz blog. The Alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Garden Friends


I'm not sure that that's supposed to be. It's not a turtle, so I've decided it's a dragon. In any case, it's from the Perfect Poser pack. I'm thinking the pastels will be easier to recolor.

The scraps are from Kittz Kreationz "Bugs in my Garden" FTU taggers kit, which included the word art used in the piece.

So Dangerous


This kit, including a tutorial which I didn't do, but need to, is available on the Calypso Design blog. The only difference is, I used their freebie skunk plushy and they used one of Farrah's Chubbies.

I can't even take credit for the layout, since they thought of it. There is a mask included. I didn't know how to use it, so I didn't but that's why I need to do the tut, I guess..Then again, the tut is written in French and mine is VERY limited.

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