Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brandi Gras

One of the nicer surprises I had was the Mardi Gras Mini-kit from Brandi's Creations, which you can download from her blog. While it's just what is says - a mini-kit - it's a very nice one that comes with five papers, two posers and three masks, two frames, a couple buttons and assorted other items.

It took me some fussing with one of the frames, and I didn't quite get it fused onto the cat bed right, but I just love the way this tag for Allie turned out!

Mardi Gras, Birman

The Alpha is from MT Lane Designs. Notably missing in both Snowy's Mardi Gras kit and Brandi's Mini-kit are tags. In this case, I borrowed one from the Mardi Gras kit by Sassy's Imagination.

Since she gave me a couple of posers - posers being the hardest thing for me where Mardi Gras tags are concerned - I made up a couple of tags with them.

Brandi Gras 1

The "tag" or label came from a CU pack from Heartbeatz Creationz. It's a very basic set of labels in a variety of colors. I wasn't going to snag it, but in the end, I did, just so I would have something for those projects were I was too lazy to do my own. You can find them at the HB Boutique, of course.

The background masks that I applied to the papers on both of these tags are from Wee Scots Lass.

This is a taggers size kit, BTW. Brandi does almost exclusively taggers size, in part because she's using dial up and it takes a long time for her to upload full sized.

Brandi Gras 1

The word art was from a template by Chuliss Designz what Digifree found for me.

This tag uses pretty much as the same elements as in the tag for Allie above. It's really a great little pick up for your tagging pleasure! Don't forget to leave Brandi some love if you download it!

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