Saturday, February 14, 2009


Cindy of Scrappin' with Lil' Ole Me drives me crazy some days. She sells at like six or seven stores and so she posts six or seven different notices to Designers Debut --

60% off at Haven Designz
50% off at Country Hallow Scraps
$1 days at Creative Scraps
50% off at Bitchin' Scraps
$1 days at Scrappin' Bratz
50% off at United Scraps 4 Taggers...

I mean...can't just do them all in one post or-- just give us the best price?

I settled for 50% off at US4T. ::sigh::

I mean, Dollar Days is a better deal, but I'd checked at CS and the kit I wanted said $2 and well...skip it.

The kit in question is Sassy Girls and I find it kind of funny that I'll buy chick kits since chick usually isn't my style. But I like all the really bright colors. And as my friend Lynne, who cares what the boys think.


The "Cindy" poser is by KairinaKat Kreations and comes with the kit. She was designed specifically for the kit and you can only get her by purchasing the kit.

I thought briefly about tuting this tag and actually started on it, but I wasn't really doing anything fancy and frankly I just didn't feel like it. It's fun to do the tags and not worry about how they are done.

I ended up changing backgrounds in the middle of this tag - the black I'd started out with wasn't working. It's a bit too green, but I thought on the whole it turned out pretty cute.

I'd been trying to put that fat little birdy in since the first tag. I finally made sure I stuck him in there. He's adorable. LOL!

I have several more posers that would work really well with this kit too. So I think I'll be coming back to it, sooner or later. One think I will say for SwLOM, is she does put a lot of bright colors in her kits, which make them very appealing.

Now, if only her advertising campaigns would stop making my head spin...

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