Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Family Matters

My sister is in the hospital, she's been in there for a month now. She's in Ohio and was recently transfered to Cleveland Clinic for continued care and observation.

She was taken in by her live in boyfriend/common law husband George after she had a major seizure. The seizure as it turned out, saved her life. She had a perforated bleeding ulcer in her stomach and had to have 4 units of blood pumped into her. She had no potassium in her body and need to have potassium fed in via an IV, something which I am given to understand is extremely painful.

She's been sick on and off and she was finally diagnosed with Wegener's granulomatosis. While she's stabilized, she's still running a fever and they can't release her has long as she has a fever.

In reality, she's better off in the hospital because at least she's eating 3 meals a day, and not smoking or drinking. We all know as soon as she gets out she's going to light up and go back to sitting around, drinking beer and not eating. And with Wegener's granulomatosis, death is most commonly from Kidney failure, and her condition isn't going to helped by the quantity of beer she consumes.

It's almost like she wants to die.

In any case, my friend Rose made this tag for her using Farrah's Sleeping Beauty taggers kit.

Sleeping Beauty

I've been really bad about getting things posted and I am/was supposed to helping Rose get her blog set up, but I've just been so swamped of late.

It's beautiful hun. Thanks. The Alpha is the "Enchanted Forest" alpha from A WorK in Progress.

This is another tag she did using Farrah's Country Blues kit and her Pandie Chubbie.

Blue Pandie

The pastel blue alpha is from Crazed's Creations.

I should be done with the sweetheart tags tonight so hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get that blog layout done for you. Sorry about being such a slacker.

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Anonymous said...

I truly am sorry about your sister :(
To be truthful not for her sake but for yours, I know how hard it is when you see family members killing themselves and no matter what you say or do you can't change it.
All you can do is try, ultimately it is their life and other than if they have a diagnosed metal problem there is not a damm thing you can do about it other than let them know you hate what they are doing to themselves and let it be..
Why can't we chose our families? :(