Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spaced Out

Spaceship Parking

Ginger wanted to make sure I was working on a new kit - and I am. This started out as being "only a few flairs" but the papers turned out so well That I expanded the scope of the project. I bet she's knows some kids that would really dig this kit. :)

The spaceship in this tag is from Gail at Aussie Scrap Design and is not going to be included in the kit (although I suppose I could ask her permission). It will be still be quite fun in any case.

I had hoped to have it done by Friday, but Photobucket decided to delete some of my images as offensive - hah - and so I'm going to have to find and restore them. I'll stash them on my private website space, where no one can complain. I also need to do my Mardi Gras T-13 this week for Miss Diamond's blog, so...

It wouldn't surprise me to find out that the Christain Co-olition and reported my blog as offensive either. But that's okay, I will then join the ranks of Chaos Priestess and Gothic Inspirations as having drawn the ire of the "born agains". LOL!

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