Friday, February 6, 2009

Puppy Love (Part I)

Snowraven put out her Puppy Power kit - which is full sized - and the associated Puppy Power booster tubes which you can purchase at Magickal Scraps, just in time for me to get this project done. I knew these were coming, so I was planning on using them - although I did have a fall back, just in case. The fall back would not have been as cute though!

Much thanks to the super talented Snowraven for getting them out as promised.

Because the theme was puppy love, I used various Valetine's Day kits for the scraps, as detailed under each tag.


Dog,Happy Valentine's Day

The scraps are from the very nice Kisses from Cupid collaboration which is available for free at The Goodie Loft with a $5.00 purchase. The Pink Heart alpha is courtesy of Delicious Scraps.


Dog,Happy Valentine's Day

I think coming up with 13 woofies would have been impossible if I didn't have the Ops Pack to provide me with three. The Scraps are from the Lover's Lane taggers kit from Scraps with Attitude. The Lots of Love alpha is from Michelle's Angels.


Dog,Happy Valentine's Day

I wasn't completely happy with this tag, but I didn't have a better picture of Eduardo to use. The scraps are from the Blow Pop kit from Scraps by j0eswife, while the Lots of Love, as I mentioned above, is from Michelle's Angels.

Michelle's Angels has opened up their own boutique which debutes this weekend with a 60% sale. So many sales, so little time, but 60% is worth checking into.


Dog,Happy Valentine's Day

This turned out just soooo sweet. The Scraps are from the "My Valentine" taggers kit from Connie's Creative Chaos, which is a blog freebie. The hearts in the upper left hand corner are from Krissy's Scraps Sweethearts Mega CU pack and her Sweethearts 1 CU pack. The Gold Chain is from Soxsational Scraps Valentine Pendants CU pack, and the CU Heart Alpha was Created by Jill.

The mask is from Wee Scots Lass. The masks that I used on the Asta tag and the Dakota tag are from Cameron.


Dog,Happy Valentine's Day

For once I could match breeds! The scraps are from the Raggedy taggers kit by Soxsational Scraps. The Pearl Alpha is courtesy of Carjazi Designs.

This was another of Wee Scots Lass' masks. I like this particular one and have used it quite a bit.


Dog,Happy Valentine's Day

When I sent this around, Dolores came into my office to inform me that "one of the dogs is a Boston Terror, just like my grandson!" LOL. The boxer looks kind of mean to I aded the bow to try to sweeten her up.

The scraps for this tag came from the For Eternity taggers kit by DMK Designs. This is a really pretty kit, BTW. I got it on sale at Creative Scraps but I knew it was going on sale there and held off buying it until then. I'd wanted it early on.

As mentioned above, the Pearl Alpha is courtesy of Carjazi Designs.

So that does it for part one....oh no it doesn't what am I thinking. One more...


Dog,Happy Valentine's Day

I got Khyra to send me some pics so...I was able to include him and I've left overs for next time. I used the "So in Love with You" taggers kit from Designs by Helly, which is another really beautiful kit from her. But then...when does Helly not put out a nice kit? This is available in tagger only size at Cotten Candy Scraps, she didn't release it in full size.

The hearts along the left hand side were masked in using one of Cameron's masks. The Pink Heart alpha is from Delicious Scraps - see above for the link. we're done with Part One. I'll have Part Two for you either tomorrow or Monday, depending upon how I feel. I'm kind of in a reading mood right now, where I just want to curl up in bed and enjoy a good book. The book book on tap? The Perfect Lover by Stephanie Laurens. is nearly Valentine's Day after all. What better to be reading than a romance?

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